Typical Symptoms of Ennui

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Ennui or boredom can be remedied as long as we know what is causing it. Here are some basic description of and symptoms of ennui.


Ennui is a French word and defined as boredom. It is mostly and closely associated with apathy, dissatisfaction, melancholy, lack of interest and listlessness to name a few. This is a condition that is connected and characterized by decreased and low level of stimulation, impaired and reduced adaptability, wandering attention. It is also sometimes confused with fatigue but let us be aware that ennui usually is the result from too little interest, motivation, diversion and stimulation. This condition usually occurs in people who perform droning and monotonous exercises and activities every day.

Clinical depression

Although ennui has not been widely studied as other aspects, it is said that this is a major factor in affecting diverse and different areas of our life. Sometimes ennui can be a symptom of clinical depression. It can be a form of helplessness that is related to depression. Some philosophers suggested that children who are raised in an environment deficient and unprovoked with stimulation would develop ennui and if this would go on frequently and habitually, they will fail to develop social interaction skills and may be the cause of low mental capacities.

Lack of understanding

Manifestation of ennui amplifies when you lack understanding, for instance, you don’t understand or deduce the material and subject being discuss in class, it would be boring for you. However, knowing too much can also produce ennui, for instance the subject matter is too easy to understand and very transparent in your assessment, this too could be boring for you. Ennui can be related to learning, for example in school if an activity is too easy or too hard, students can be bored. Motivation and stimulation should be just right so that students would not be bored. It is also said that an individual’s perception of boredom or ennui can be influenced by the person’s degree of attention span, for example a toddler’s attention span is much lower than an adult attention span.

Existence of anxiety

Ennui is also associated with nothingness, and the existence of anxiety. It is also been studied as being related to drug abuse among teens. They use drugs to stimulate their systems to avoid the states of boredom or ennui. Sometimes boredom or ennui has been proposed as a cause of pathological gambling. Gamblers made excuses that boredom depresses them so they resulted to gambling without an end.


Ennui is being associated with almost anything in your life, you can say that because of it you resulted in doing this or doing that, but you should also remember that you should adapt to every situations that you have. If you are bored or boredom strikes you, you must see to it that you stimulate your own self into doing something rather that just sitting down. Find a new hobby, take a walk or watch something that catches your interest, this way you won’t be bored at all.




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