Understanding Male Infertility – Because It Needs To Be Understood!

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If a man is infertile. It can be a very troubling thing to him just like her. This is because he is not able to sire any offspring.

What you need to Understand?

There are lots of reasons why men become infertile. However, despite the causes, the issue of male infertility can be corrected if a guy does seek professional medical help for it. This doesn't always mean a man is sterile. It simply means he is experiencing a fertility problem that can be treated in a number of cases.

Understanding male infertility:
A big part of accepting the fact that you have male infertility is trying to understand just why you do have it. Sometimes, sexual dysfunction is a thing that happens to a man, and not because he wants it to happen. There are reasons why it does occur just like any other form of medical issue. However, part of treating the problem, is trying to understand what the entire problem is all about. Male infertility problems are something that have been getting lots of very rapid research advances the last few years. These very rapid research advances is what is helping medical professionals to know far more about the area of male reproduction. Medical professionals in turn educate their patients with infertility issues about these rapid research advances. It is a good and informative type of learning curve for all that need to know this data.

Common causes of male infertility:
The male factor is the very thing that does contribute very strongly to the issue of male infertility. It is the male factor that does cause about half of the male infertility problems that men do suffer. It is also the thing responsible for one third of all male infertility cases overall. There are lots of things that can trigger of male infertility and they do include some of the following. They are varicocele, any existing infections in the testicle, prostate, or other part of the body that does bring on fever. Genetic abnormalities, undescended testicle, hormone problems, chemotherapy for cancer, and certain medications such as anti-seizure or anabolic steroids can encourage male infertility in him.

Male infertility tests:
If a man suspects that he does have male infertility. He can go to a urologist to have some tests done. The urologist will begin by doing an interview and a basic exam. This basic exam will include a physical exam, a look at a man's full medical and reproductive history, and also an in depth discussion about the man's sex life in general. Identifying the specific cause of a man's infertility issue also includes taking a sperm and semen analysis. Hormone evaluation and genetic testing can also be administered.

Male infertility treatments:
There are a lot of options for male infertility treatments. The kind of treatment that is applied for a man's infertility issue is totally dependent on his infertility issue and how severe it is in detail. Male infertility treatments do include antibiotics if there is an infection of some sort. Surgical correction if a varicocele needs to be removed, to repair any existing duct obstruction, or if a vasectomy needs to be reversed. There is also specific medications or fertility drugs to make sperm production a whole lot better. If the cause for male infertility is unknown or the other courses of treatment are not successful. The other forms of treatment can also include IUI or IVF treatment. IUI treatment does involve the transfer of sperm from the man to the woman's uterus via her cervix. This treatment is used if a man's sperm count is very low or not so good quality. The IVF method may be suggested as a course of action if the IUI isn't successful or if a woman does have her own fertility issues too.

Fertility problems are something that afflict both men and women. It is a common problem that can be fixed, nine times out of ten. Nonetheless, a person will never know, if they don't go to a doctor and get the problem checked out. It is only through a doctor making a diagnosis of the particular problem itself that a treatment plan can be formulated. Some fertility problems with couples are because of both the man and the woman having their own fertility issues individually.


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One is in denial but better to sort out the issues early. Thanks for this informative post, Cheryl - siva

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