Understanding the Process of Pluto's Transit Through Capricorn

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This article explores the ramifications of Pluto's transit through the sign Capricorn.

What Does Pluto in Capricorn Have in Store for Us?

“Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.” – Bhagavad Gita

Pluto sneaked into Capricorn in January, 2008, and retrograded back into Sagittarius in June. Now it is about to enter Capricorn (on November 27, 2008), where it will remain for the next sixteen years.

During the journey we now embark upon, Pluto’s destructive and regenerative and transforming effect will be visited upon the structures and the material manifestations of our civilization and culture. Nowhere will this be more intense than in the United States, because Pluto is currently transiting the first house of the American horoscope, and over the next few short years will oppose the United States’ Venus, Sun and Jupiter.

The world of business is ruled by Capricorn. It also rules systems, structures, infrastructures, institutions, and governments at all its various levels – municipal, state and national. All of these manifestations of Capricorn energy in the physical dimension will be visited by Pluto’s dark and destructive energies over the coming years, and the world as we know it will be irrevocably transformed over the period of time that Pluto transits through the sign.

There are three things to remember in regard to Pluto:
1. It takes things to.extremes.
2. It always destroys, with ruthless power.
3. It reveals the truth of what has been heretofore hidden.

As businesses and governments begin to implode in the early years of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn, the forces of control (Saturn-Capricorn) – of law and order – will be carried to extremes. Abject authoritarianism, the only response governments in the process of being overwhelmed and falling apart are capable of, will rear its ugly head and seek to keep whole populations under repression and government control. We will see mass arrests and detentions (google ‘FEMA Concentration Camps’) as a result of civil unrest and disobedience brought on by the chaos resulting as systems break down.

In the end, however, Pluto will reveal the truth of what has been hidden. This is especially true in terms of the world economic system, which has been designed to keep you and me and everybody else in perpetual debt and enslavement. This is how it works: you go into a bank to get a $20,000.00 loan, let’s say, to buy a car. There is no actual movement of real money that takes place. The twenty thousand is entered into a computer and displayed upon a screen. “Money” has thus been ‘created’ out of thin air, and you are charged to pay back the “loan” in full plus interest. The bank is now allowed to lend another nine dollars for every dollar you have borrowed, so it now can make $180,000.00 in new loans as a result of the twenty thousand you borrowed. Finally, and this has happened again and again through history, the banks will lend money that cannot be paid back, creating, or more accurately, engineering, a “credit crunch.” Millions are left holding the proverbial bag, as foreclosures skyrocket and the banks rob the masses of their possessions – their cars, homes, boats, and land. This happened most recently in the Great Depression of the 1930’s, the last time Pluto’s transit set off the Cancer-Capricorn polarity axis, and it is happening again now.

The truth of this economic system – that it is designed to control and enslave the great masses of people – is now beginning to emerge, and when it is fully lodged within the collective awareness of the world’s people, we will be empowered to stop it. The power elite will finally overplay their hand, and we will collectively refuse to cooperate any longer in the scam. After all, it is only because we have entered into this unholy partnership with them that they are able to maintain their power and control, and when we become fully aware that this is the case and we respond by breaking the partnership, the jig will be up for them. We will in the end create money simply as a medium of exchange, carrying with it no inherent debt as it does now. This will be the final, transforming action of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn.


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