Use of Medications During Pregnancy

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The article tell about the effects of medication during pregnancy on mother & baby during 3 trimesters of the pregnancy.

Administration of Medications

The administration of medications during pregnancy is a complicated situation for many health professionals. Since it was discovered that certain drugs produce fetal malformations, there is considerable fear, both for professionals and for the pregnant women themselves, when taking certain medications.

Currently, in most cases, the cause of fetal malformations is unknown. Some studies establish a clear causal relationship between certain drugs and malformations, but in most cases, the existence of multiple factors, among which not only drugs are found, do not allow knowing exactly the origin of many malformations.

Fetal Medicine in Panchkula

Most of the drugs cross the placenta reaching the fetal circulation, in the blood that reaches the fetus, equal or higher concentrations than the maternal ones. Fetal medicine in Panchkula are safe during pregnancy, however, others are potentially teratogenic (causing malformations in the embryo). It should be noted that it is during the first weeks of gestation that the development of all fetal organs and systems occurs. The teratogenic drugs that act in the first weeks of gestation will be responsible for increasing the number of abortions. In the same way, if weeks of gestation advance, the teratogenic drugs will produce serious malformations on the fetus.

During First Trimester

Undoubtedly, the stage during which the fetus is more sensitive to the action of the medications is the first trimester. During this phase, when most of the organs begin their training, the effect of the drug can affect them to a greater extent. However, during the rest of pregnancy, the risk of teratogenic effects also persists. You have to think that, for example, the brain of the fetus will not stop developing throughout pregnancy, and drugs that act on it (opiates, benzodiazepines) can cause harm to the child even in the later stages of pregnancy.

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