Use of canned food for our benefit

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Eating canned food isn't this bad, provided we have them on certain occasions and buy quality ones.

Use of canned food for our benefit

Is it healthy to eat canned food? I'd say that like most things we do, moderation is key. We usually shop for fresh food to cook at home and this is what we should do, but keeping a variety of canned food in the pantry will be wise and handy on a given time. On the other hand, if one lives on its own, one may be able to eat something that he or she wouldn't cook otherwise.
If it's quality canned food, we should know that it's always fresh food that is canned on a high thermal process to be able to keep them long. It's true that some food when it's being canned loses some of their vitamins, but, on the contrary, they gain on minerals and fat. This is why people that suffer from high blood pressure shouldn't eat canned food often, especially if it's canned fish.
However, and as I say, they aren't this bad to eat once in a while or when it suits us best. One may keep some cans of cooked legumes, fish and vegetables and they'll certainly be handy when we're tired and we don't feel like cooking. When someone calls on us all of a sudden and we 've only cooked for ourselves, we can open some of our cans to treat our visitor such as olives, anchovies or heartier food to eat.
They're also handy to go on a picnic that we'll take as well as those yummy breaded steaks and omelets and needless to say that canned food is useful for a traveller on a budget, because when we travel on a tight budget, we shan't be able to afford to eat in restaurants at all times. Therefore, it's wise to have some food cans in our room that we can eat when it suits us best or when the weather is so bad that prevents us to go out in search of an affordable restaurant.
They're also suitable for university students when they have to study and can't stop to cook a meal.
Canned food isn't this bad, provided we eat them on certain occasions and we buy quality ones.

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