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Vasectomy is one of many birth control available in our time. This is the most effective birth control for the couples who wants to stop pregnancy. I my self experience the effectiveness of this method of birth control. I been married for more than 14 years and I have two sons.


VASECTOMY, what it is? How this things can help us in our lives?

Vasectomy is one of many birth control available in our society. This is the process of cutting, clamping or sealing the vas deferens to prevent the sperm cell to combine with the semen that is ejaculated from the penis. In this process the sperm cell has no reason to meet the egg cell and will prevent the fertilization of the egg cell. This mean that there will be no pregnancy to occur. This is the reason why Vasectomy is the most effective method of birth control.

Why I choose Vasectomy?

I am married when I am 20 years old. During that time we have a couple of sex intercourse with my wife. We have no plan to have the baby yet, because we are so young during that time. But we produce our first baby, he was cute and very healthy. We visit our local family clinic for the regular check up of our new born baby. The clinic nurse ask me about our family panning or what kind of birth control that we use. I told her that we don't use any birth control yet. They showed us a different kind of birth control available in our community. They explained and showed us what is the benefit and side effect of every methods of family planning. We don't try the pills, because my wife has an asthma and I am so concerned about her health condition. And also the calendar method is not fit to us, because my wife has an irregular menstruation. We try the condom. But after I use the condom, I am not happy. I don't fell any thing. It's like having a sex with no one. And because it is so tight to my penis, I feel uncomfortable when I use it.
There are few methods left:
1.) IUD or intrautirine device
2.) Injectibles
3.) Withdrawal method
4.) Personal control or abstenence
5.) Vasectomy
With this few method, we prepare to use the withdrawal method. Because we have a plan to have babies after five years. But after almost two and a half years, my wife become pregnant. Because there are times that I forget to withdraw my penis during our intercourse. So we decide to have permanent family control. And one of it is vasectomy. We prepare the method of vasectomy because it is permanent and we have no plans to have babies in the future. We are contented to the babies. The family doctor in our local clinic explain to us the benefits and the side effect of vasectomy. And because we are so decided to take it. We sign a waiver for the procedure. Because they told as that vasectomy has no reversal procedure. So when the vasectomy take place it has no turning back. I told to the Doctor that I will schedule my vasectomy once my wife will give birth to our new baby. My new baby was born and after a month I schedule my vasectomy.

This is it, Vasectomy time......

A week before the scheduled procedure of vasectomy. I attend some seminars and briefing about the process and needs in taking the vasectomy. They show me, what kind of tools that they will use. And also the feeling that I will encounter during the procedure. So I am ready for the big day of my life.
A day before my vasectomy, I take a big rest and make a good diet. It like preparation going to war. I already prepare all the necessary thing for only 15 to 20 minutes of procedure. It is time, I am in the clinic bed. They give me local anesthetic to the area of vasectomy. That's the only pain I experience. And I watch the procedure. They make an small hole opening in my scrotum and then they push the vas deferens outside the opening to cut it and tied each end of the vas vain. After they cut the vas deferens and tied it they close the opening with only a pressure of there finger. Because of the local anesthetic that they give on my my scrotum fell so numb for more than an hour. They give me a prescription for pain and antibiotic. I take it for 7 days. And they remind me to be careful for a week. I am not allowed to have sex with my wife until they confirm that my sperm count is turn to zero. After a month I went to the laboratory to examine my semen if there was a sperm cell. Them thank's to the procedure, I been negative to the sperm count. I registered zero sperm in my semen. The procedure was so successful and for almost 12 years of my life, my wife are not getting pregnant.
For me vasectomy is the most effective method.

Why there is a failure on procedure and what is the consequence of it.

If there is a failure on procedure, pregnancy my occur.
1.) Failure to examine the semen after the vasectomy procedure and having a sex with your partner.
2.) Loose tie of the vas deferens. This will result on a sperm to mix with the semens again.
3.) There may be a complication after the vasectomy procedure. Bleeding under the skin of opening and Infection on the area of incision may occur but this is very rare to happen.

What will happen to the Sperm after the procedure?

Our testicles continue to generate sperm even we have no sex life. The sperm that will not ejaculated will be absorbed by our body. So whether you have vasectomy or not, your sperm will continue to produce. And will be part of our body if it is not bring out. Base on my doctor explanation, the sperm will be part of the food in our body in the state of proteins.

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What a wonderful love you showed to your wife.....

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24th Nov 2014 (#)

Good for you for taking the initiative to control birth. I hope you and your wife are happy and content that you can devote tine and attention to the children you already have.

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