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Vitamin B12 is rich in giving health which is lot more worthy than being rich. “How many of us know why we need to take these multivitamin capsules or eat food that is rich in those”? Very few I guess. From my view, I only know that if I take these vitamin capsules, I won’t fall sick so easily; I think a 27-year old ought to know more about health then only the kids will learn from us;

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is something that is the origin of B- Complex and vital for every human body. The sources varying from vegetarians and non-vegetarians, it is for the people to choose and decide what will help them get B12 into their body.

The vitamin is very much essential for the nervous system in our body. Otherwise known as Cobalamin, the vitamin tends to generate more blood cells and DNA stuff.
Before you get to know the sources you must get to know the facts about B12 about its functionality and get enough for your body.


Now, a little bit of science terms are needed for us to understand which type we must take in. Cobalamin is of two types, Methylcobalamin and Cyanocobalamin out of which Cyanocobalamin cannot be easily absorbed into our body. We can take food that is rich in either but you in turn look for help from your body to convert from CyanoCobalamin to Methylcobalamin if you wish to use food rich in CyanoCobalamin.

There are many food sources of Vitamin B12 for those who are vegetarians. None of the plants or animals has shown the tendency to produce vitamin B12 unlike others. Maybe this could be drawing interest from a background of vegetarians who want to know what they can eat to get vitamin B12 because all those who have been eating sea-food and red meat and other stuff would have enough as predicted by some of the experts in many studies done.

Vegetarian Food rich in Vitamin B12:

Dairy products such as eggs, curd, Milk and yogurt and many others such as cereals can be consumed since they are rich in Vitamin B12.
The very next place where you will find B12 is soil. Now, you need not go around and dig the soil. But incase if you find grow vegetables in your backyard or you tend to get hold of, pick them and eat without washing them since you might get hold of B12 in the soil that might cling to the food.
Since soil clinging food is not apt because most of us don’t have gardens, we can opt for the above.


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Very Interesting and Helpful page.

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@Sangita: thank u :)

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