Vermi-compost Pits in my Home Garden

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With my Home and Garden, I had been facing a few problems which I solved by constructing a pair of Vermi-compost pits in between the home and the garden.

My Home Garden

I have built a home of my dreams in my native village Khandoi (India) which is attached with a small garden for growing seasonal fruits and vegetables. I am the only individual in India to have Olive Plants, after the State Government of Rajasthan which began Olive cultivation about 10 years back. My Olive Plants are now 2 year old and growing well with fruition expected to commence after another 3 years. Apart from Olives, I have fruit trees of Cherry Plum, Banana, Peach, Indian Almond, Lichi, Grapevine, Sweet lime, Lemon, Fig, Pear, Papaya and Soap-nut. There are some flower plants in between and seasonal vegetables are grown in spaces between the trees.

Problems I Faced

With my home attached with a garden, both covering an area of about 400 sq. meters, I have been comfortable with getting seasonal vegetables and fruits for myself and my well-wishers. A half horse power jet pump draws underground water for supply to the home and the garden. I had been facing 3 problems -
Stinking outlet water from septic tank, of toilet in my home, opening in between the home and the garden,
Scarcity of manure for plants in the garden, and
Disposal of home and garden wastes which is mostly organic

The Solution

Now I have constructed a pair of compost pits, side by side with middle wall having large holes, just close to the outlet of septic tank water with option of directing the water flow to any of the pits. The pits are made brick and cement mortar walls with concrete floors. Each pit is 3 feet wide, 4 feet long, 3 feet deep with 1 foot depth below the ground level. Pits need removable covers on top with openings for air circulation on the sides. These are required for preventing Sunshine and extreme cold hurting the Worms and rainwater overflowing the pits.

All soft organic wastes like leaves, fruits and vegetables are dumped into a pit until its becoming full. This pit has been provided with a lot of Earthworms for feeding on the soft waste materials in the pit and converting it into manure. In addition to the water from septic tank, more water is sprinkled onto the waste to keep it moist all the time. A pit takes about 3 months time to get full, when more than 3 quarters of the waste matter is converted to manure by the Earthworms.
When a pit is full, water from septic tank and waste matter dumping is begun in the second pit. Worms keep on eating the waste matter in the first pit until whole of it is converted to manure. At this point, the worms find no food in the pit, in search of which they begun moving through openings in the middle wall to the second pit where they find ready food. After all the worms move to the second pit, the first pit is emptied of the ready manure.
This solves all the three problems of mine in one go.


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