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Is it a head cold I have today? Feels like it.

Over the next days however, what I thought was a head cold turns into some very serious thing that seems to suppress my will to live.

Cool as ice

I try to work one morning in my editing studio. Pretty soon however I feel I'd like to lie down on the bed. I do so.

I wake up a little later. Oh my gosh, what's wrong with me? I'm ice, ice, ice, ice, ice cold, and shivering like there's no tommorrow.

I go into Tower Hills Mansion to lie down into my bed there, with lots of blankets over me so I can get myself warmed up again.

Well, this continues for the next two days. I'm in bed all the time, sometimes shivering with cold, never quite feeling warm, and yet I feel so overheated my head has a splitting headache.

Diagnosis: Virus

By Friday it's obvious something is wrong. I've only been sleeping in bed all day and all night, and when I wake up on Friday morning I decide I'll take Osborn with me and go see the doctor.

The doctor tells me it's a virus. I had picked up a virus somewhere, according to him. He prescribes some medicine.

Over the next days, I drink my medicine and keep sleeping basically all day every day and every night. What's worse is I get these headaches that make me think I have tick fever or meningitis or something. I feel really too horrible to cook myself proper meals, so it's not long before I don't know anymore if I'm feeling poorly because of blood sugar problems on top of my virus disease.

Mother has called a few times before, and the first time I told her I think I just have a head cold. The next time I told her I'm sick, but when she asked if she needs to come back from their vacation to come tend to me, I said no. However, by now I'm feeling so bad that I finally tell her to please come because it would certainly help if somebody could help me with regular proper meals and cold ice water when I'm too weak from fever to go get it for myself.

In a moment of fever-induced insanity, I jump into an ice cold swimming pool on a freezing cold morning

One Sunday morning I wake up with such a feverish headache that I go outside and cannot resist the swimming pool. It's a freezing cold morning and huge clouds swirl around my head as I breathe and the breath condensates, but being outside in the cold fresh air and then getting into the pool certainly helps to break the fever. That splitting headache seems to simply melt away in the icy cold water of the pool. It feels heavenly.

When I get out, I feel so refreshed. But about half an hour later, I feel rather weak and poorly again.

Finally I get through the night

Mother finally arrives later in the day. I'm so happy she had come.

We even go out for pizza and chocolate flavoured milk tonight, of course only eating it all in the car without getting out.

Soon it's time for dreaded bedtime. I've come to dread bedtime because getting through the nights have been nothing but suffering. I'd wake up many times with such a high fever and feeling so horrible and having a killer headache, that I simply didn't want to go to sleep anymore.

But now that I've been drinking the pills the doctor prescribed, and now that Mother is here, things are just much better. I only wake up once in the night, and although I have a fever and I'm boiling hot, it's not accompanied by the dreaded headache anymore.

Making sure my will is in order

I did believe I might die at some point though, so I tell Mother what my last will and testament is, just so it's ready in case.

I have a will set up already, but we're not too sure where I put it, since it's been years.

So I just remind Mother that in case of my death, my entire estate goes to her. I'm too sick to write a will now, but I tell her that that is my wish, and I don't mind if she needs to make up a will in my name after my death in case she needs something in writing, as long as it is correct and does contain my wishes as told.

Suffering all alone again

It's a wonderful day or two that Mother is here, but Father wants her to come back immediately. For him planning and organization is everything, and obviously Mother's flight home had screwed up his planning. They are planning to go from Cape Town where they currently are, to Namibia where they are planning to meet another couple and go on a road trip of sorts and so on and on.

Mother hates having to leave her sick son. I find her crying on her bed at one time after she had just come off the phone with Father. Father and probably Petros and whomever is over there in Cape Town keep telling her that if I can go swimming and out for pizza, I'm not really sick and can do without her. They don't see how it wasn't a pleasure dip but a dip in the pool to break a very intense fever.

I must say their insensitivity is enough to make one hurl. I love Father dearly but if there's one thing that is enough to irk one, it is his idolizing his own planning and organization. It leaves absolutely no room for things like illness or tending to others who need help and care unforeseenly.

Seriously, can't he just take things like a VACATION for god's sake, NOT business or something serious, just more casually and in stride? Sure, you plan your vacation but then you can just casually cruize through it. And if things come up, like a sick child, you take care of them and make time for them too, instead of just rigidly sticking to your rigid schedule. Disappointing, to say the least.

Well, in tears and against her will, Mother does fly back to Cape Town after about a day and a half of helping me recover, leaving me to fend for myself. I'm sickened by their priorities.

Very slowly recovering, feeling better on and off

Well, fortunately by now I do feel a lot better, but not great yet. It takes more than another week for me to be able to become somewhat functional again. That is, I don't just sleep all day every day, breaking the pattern only to watch TV or eat or take a bath. But I'm still not doing much of my work. I just still feel off.

Mistake to go to university yet

I do try to go to class at university though, but it was probably too soon.

I feel really off and tired halfway through the class, and to make it worse, I suddenly start coughing and the coughing gets so bad I have to go to the restroom to go cough the worst of the cough out.

Doesn't help much though for I still want to cough when I get back to the class.

It was rather a horrible experience. But I got through the class at least.

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