Vitamin D

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General observations in regards to healthful benefits of vitamin D, and medical applications.

Vitamin D

Many people are aware that vitamin D is required daily to prevent this and that and has a RDV(regular daily value) as set by the U.S. dept of health and medicine, what they do not know is that it is actually a hormone produced by the body in given circumstances.

Studies were first done in regards to vitamin D's effectiveness at increasing the strength of the immune system in Germany in the 1920's after it was brought to the attention of the world wide scientific community by Adolf Windaus. The Germans at this time were trying to figure out how it worked against disease such as Tuberculosis, as it has in popular medicine around the globe been used for the treatment and curing of TB, and whether or not it worked against other diseases as-well. According to their studies, when patients were instructed to spend a certain amount of time in the sun with little clothing on or to take a tablet, their immune function sky-rocketed an approximate 3-5 times. Of course their results are definitely subject to severe speculation, but to see such an increased rate of prevented and reduced time ratios for diseases cannot be denounced in its entirety.

In theory, having thicker skin will improve your immune system's function as microbes are able to make much less of an impact (considering that your skin is the largest organ in your body this is a major factor for your immune system), and thicker skin being caused by sitting in the sunlight and getting a light tan.

Another thing that can be said on the behalf of this hormone, is that a recent study done about diabetes concluded that patients who were dosed with vitamin D had less macrophages congested with carbohydrates. Apparently, macrophages in your body will target and attack carbs which then stick onto the white blood cell and inhibit it's effectiveness severely, vitamin D corrects this and prevents them from targeting them and becoming useless due to it. This effect would also work for people who do -not- have a large amount of carbohydrates in their system, as everyone has some level of carbs (both good and bad) in their bloodstream at any given moment.

Also, when your body creates vitamin D on its own from being in the sunlight your metabolism becomes more active because your body is doing several conversions to produce the hormone.. Even when you consume tablets of the hormone your body still has to convert it and put it to use (though not so much). Increased metabolic rate means increased immune system function, this is one reason why athletes typically have stronger immune systems.

Vitamin D has been shown to decrease risks for all forms of cancer, in every study ever concluded in its regard, though supplementation has a much smaller effect than actual skin-to-sun contact.

It has been shown to be effective at increasing your parathyroid activity, meaning your calcium levels in your blood are better regulated and re-absorption and absorption control are more balanced. (prevents your kidneys from taking in too much, and helps your bones take in more)

Back to what it can be actually used for... Vitamin D has been used in the past to treat and cure tuberculosis, especially in Asian cultures. Often times when people would get really sick with TB and could afford to do so, they'd go up into a mountain often housed by Buddhist monks or some other form of religious monks, and would lay in a sunlight chamber where it would be directed and amplified onto the bed. This was proven effective at the time, and had a good enough success rate to be popularly done.

One last thing before I summarize this... Vitamin D has been shown to inhibit inflammation caused by macrophage activity, it acts as the leash for when they are going out of control over an infectious body.. So infections that cause a lot of inflammation can become less severe when the subject is dosed with ample vitamin D.

Since vitamin D increases whole-body macrophage effectiveness and activity it can be said that it both stimulates the general immune system and will reduce the dangers of acquiring a gram negative bacterial or viral infection (gram negative means it's a very small organism often difficult for typical immune system cells to separate or kill multiple at a time).

Gram negative infections, infections involving clumped bacteria or fungi, infection in general, infections causing inflammation that can be dangerous, and cancer preventative (can also treat cancer to a degree).

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