Vitamins,Minerals and what they can do for you

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This article will tell you about vitamins and minerals and what they can do for you and your body,also what will happen if you don't eat them.


It is very important for us to know what it is that we are putting into our bodies,the things that certain foods can do for us and the benefits from the intake of vitamins and minerals.
Do you know your vitamins?do you know how they help you? these are the things you need to learn in order to be healthy and balanced,do you realize you will have physical and mental problems if you don't get what your body needs.

Your body is basically a machine and you need to treat it as such,you need to take care of it,treat it right and look after it,feed it right,work it right and water it right and you will reap the benefits.
It is my firm belief that promotion health products will not work nearly as good as old fashioned food,so get eating your greens and fruit.

Vitamin B6-This is killed off in our bodies by alcohol. Vitamin A- Helps fight off cold and flu's whilst boosting your immune system. Bad eye sight, infections,acne and ulcers of the mouth are the direct results of no Vitamin A in your body. You will find it plenty'full in Apricots and liver and also in sweet potatoes,spinach,parsley,carrots,oils and fish.

Vitamin B1-Good for heart and nervous system,helps build muscle and gives you energy it unbelievably promotes growth and strength. Get this from foods such as porridge,brown rice,oatmeal,vegetables and beans.

Vitamin B2-This is a water-soluble meaning our bodies are unable to store it up so you need a regular intake. Its a great source of energy under times of stress and pressure and is good for hair,nails,skin and growth. Coffee or alcohol will kill off this vitamin. And the signs when not taking it are dry mouth,sore lips,insomnia,bloodshot eyes and flaky scaly skin. You can get it in eggs,fish,whole grains and meat.

Vitamin B3-This improves your circulation and converts carbohydrates into energy. Depression and schizophrenia have been linked to not having enough Vitamin B3. You can find it in avocados,lean meats,eggs,prunes,fish and peanuts.

Vitamin B3-Complex-This is great for ladies who are pregnant as it strengthens the feotus. You can get it in egg yolks,carrots,fresh oranges and melons.

Vitamin B12-You don't need to worry about this one so much as it is in most foods,it is good for the red blood cells and detoxifies. Beef,kidneys and yoghurt carry lots of Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B5-Produces anti-stress hormones which are essential for the synthesis of antibodies. If you don't have a intake of this vitamin you will start feeling fatigued,depressed,stressed, anxious and get bad skin,ulcers and blood disorders.Yeast and green vegetables carry lots.

Vitamin B6-This helps you not get kidney stones and you can find it in bananas,eggs and cabbage.

Vitamin C-This is a water soluble Vitamin so you need a regular intake. Helps heal wounds,decreases cholesterol, helps burns and has also been known to stop some cancers.Get it from raw fruits and vegetables, green,sprouts and cauliflower.

Vitamin E-This antioxidant vitamin provides the body with oxygen,works as a natural diuretic and improves fertility.If not taken you will suffer with cataracts,infertility,muscle degeneration and age spots.You can find it in eggs,butter,oats,almonds,whole wheat,vegetable oils,wheat germ and soybeans.

Vitamin D-Your body produces this vitamin and you get it though sunlight its essential for bones and teeth to develop,I do not know a lot about this but it really does work.

Vitamin K-A fat soluble vitamin not enough of it can lead to colon disease and osteoporosis. Can be found in kelp,fish liver oils,green tea,leafy greens,egg yolks,sprouts and broccoli.

Vitamin H-Used for treatment off eczema and hair loss also its an organic acid containing sulphur. essential for fats and proteins to be metabolized by the body. Found in dairy products,egg yolks,fruit,rice,whole grains,liver and meats.

Iron-Iron is stored in your spleen bone marrow and liver. Without it you will suffer from anaemia,paleness,tiredness and breathlessness.Get it from red meat,shellfish,liver,molasses,cocoa powder,raw clams, kidneys and dark chocolate.

Calcium- Calcium is an essential mineral and is vital for a healthy nervous system. If you don't get enough it can lead to all sorts of issues such as muscle cramps,gum disease and brittle bones,Calcium keeps gums and bones strong. You can get it from milk,root vegetables broccoli cheese and other dairy products.It can Also treat insomnia, hearts problems and growing pains.

How to get your minerals:

Magnesium: Brown rice and chocolate.
Cobalt: Milk and clams.
Chromium: Cheese and liver.
Copper: Shellfish and avocados.
Fluorine: Meat and seafood.
Iodine: Raisins and seaweed.
Potassium: Bananas and spuds.
Manganese: Bread and nuts.
Molybdenum Canned beans and eggs.
Phosphorous: Whole grains and soy products.
Vanadium: Radishes and lettuce.
Selenium: Tuna and onions.
Zinc: Meats and seeds.

Other great things for your body:
Garlic which is good for the blood.
Cayenne pepper which is good for among other things your immune system.
Ginseng stimulates the nervous system and lowers blood cholesterol.
Gingko Biloba is the worlds oldest tree and has been used as medicine for years.


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author avatar Bets
30th Apr 2013 (#)

Hello Micheal, I don't know why there isn't a Vitamin B4, lol. I agree with everything and love the information you've provided for us readers. Thank you. I have been thinking alot about minerals lately. I need to get some Vit. K to take. I do get my Vitamin D from the sun. One other thing you may want to add to this, is how much coffee is o.k. if any at all. I have a cup or two in the A.M. and sometimes a cup in the evening. Here lately, I have been wanting GREEN TEA and I know the reason why. Also, I have been experiencing DRY MOUTH and know I could correct that.
As far as punctuation, I think you left a majority of your commas too close to the next word with no space between. I wasn't looking for errors, was only interested in what you had to say about deficiences and lack of vitamins and minerals. When I was reading I noticed FETUS was mispelled. Just at a glance; probably just a typo. I loved your article overall. Have a good evening Micheal. Smiles, Bets :)

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author avatar micheal
1st May 2013 (#)

Hi bets, Thanks for the spelling tips I am quite new to writing and am just finding my feet and your advice with the comma's is something I can now keep a eye on in the future, and as for you drinking coffee I also like the odd one but it will dehydrate your body just as alcohol will so I would make sure to drink plenty of water through out the day to counteract this. Thanks for the comment I am glad you enjoyed it.

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