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Wake up! We all need to at some time. Spending a whole day in bed is something we all wish we can do at times, until we realize it is time for the most genuine of action and it is do or die. Well, read as I write and read between the lines also, you will see what I mean:

Wake up!

The most powerful thing we can do is wake up to ourselves and remember our purpose. We all have a mission in reality ultimately, all we have to do is acknowledge it, then the action comes afterward. Sure, I make it sound rather simple. Is it, though? When things seem so overwhelming and life seems bad, that is when we need to do the most powerful about-face and wake up, take action and get powerful.

I am thinking about this quote from Robbie Robertson where he said, "I was a bad guitarist that took too many "thrilling" solos until I got good." Well, life has to be approached that way. We need to take action and make it good until it is good, refined and genuinely workable like Robbie Robertson's guitar solos were in all those songs. Get it? Valuable thinking is that way, and I say all this not to praise anything but to show the necessity of waking up and taking the right actions after all of the mistakes and temporary defeats that will come up before we genuinely get it right. Indeed, "right the first time" is that force of nature and reality that is blessed or lucky in that order. Only experience and understanding can genuinely repeat success.

Some of the greatest work and genius comes through repetition, understanding and experience. Even Michelangelo said that if it was known how I worked to create his works like the Sistine Chapel and other works: They would not be considered "effortless genius" but efforts of incredible work that took a genuine perfectionism beyond the pale of just "effortless genius".

Indeed, real, conscious greatness that is repeatable takes great effort and genuine perfectionism. When I say "genuine perfectionism", I do not mean obsessive perfection, I mean that conscious work that arises from experience and understanding after mistakes and hard perfection mining work. Read between the lines, I am being somewhat vague so that you can better wake up.

The real sleep is there when it is all spelled out and given transparently and you just do not get it. The real waking up is when you appreciate, think and understand fully.

In the spirit of things

We must all wake up. But, waking up is only possible when we see the genuine spirit of things. When I say "the spirit of things", I do mean something "religious and spiritual" sure. But, I do mean something deeper, something more powerful and meaningfully graceful. A faith that transcends normality, a concentration that literally creates and harnesses genius.

I have tried to keep this concise and simple, couching the most complex realities in the most simple language of all.

But, in reality, you have to think those complex thoughts and realities yourself that work in reality to create the desired genius.

Some of the greatest failure and mistakes lead to the greatest success through understanding. Without that full understanding, the greatest masters are nothing but puppets, because before they became masters they made big and giant mistakes to fully understand what not to do. If they avoided those mistakes and stayed perfect, would mastery happen? Personally, I do not think so, understanding what I understand now, for indeed, some of the greatest successes come from slips and falls then successes that are repeatable through experience. Not those first time "blessed successes" that are "not repeatable" because they were not based on experience and understanding that has been tested and worked out.

So, think about reality, only the best of us repeatedly succeed, because we are willing to fail temporarily and use it as experience to create genuine perfection. Get it?!


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