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Are you wondering why you stay awake in the morning, even when the alarm was not sounded? Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Field of the United States identify new components of the biological clock, i.e. a gene which is responsible for initiating us to wake up in the morning.

Biological Clock

Our biological clock increases our metabolisms each morning, start an important physiological function that tells our body that it is time to wake up and be excited. The discovery of gene and gene mechanisms can explain the condition of sleep, aging, and chronic diseases, like cancer and diabetes, even for new therapies for these diseases.

In a report in the journal Science, researchers at the Salk and their partners in McGill University and Albert Einstein School of Medicine, explains how KDM5A gives the code of protein gene, JARID1a. JARID1a activates the circuitry button associated with biochemical that maintains the rhythm-related biological processes.

This discovery finds a missing link related molecular mechanisms that control the sleep and wake cycle. Important player of the biological clock is a protein named PERIOD (PER). The amount of PER protein in each cell increases and decreases during 24 hours. Our cells use the PER protein levels as an indicator of time and tell our body when the time to sleep and when the time to wake.

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