Walking; the king of exercises

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More and more people are investing on gym equipments or taking membership in gymnasiums when they can lose weight and keep fit by taking up Walking

Walking: the king of exercises

The result looms in front of your eyes and you have to believe it. Your body weight is a tad above normal when you compare your height with the weight recorded in the medical report that is in front of you. You might have undergone a master health check-up or consulted a doctor for some other ailment. You are in a dilemma now; how to reduce your weight to the acceptable level for your height. If you think that you should immediately take a membership in a fancy gymnasium whose bills are fancier than you think or getting yourself some costly equipment, then you should read this for sure. I can save you a lot of money.
Yes! On exercise which can save you a lot of money at the same time give you the desired results is walking-yeah you heard me right-walking. In fact among medical profession it is known as the ‘king of exercises’. One activity that gives you immense benefits at the same time don’t cost you much is walking. Let us see how you can make good strides in your journey to achieve your desired ‘goal-weight’.
Preparation: as it is mandatory with any form of exercise, you should ensure that you can take up walking also, only after a consultation with your family doctor. If he/she (this gender issues…My God) Okays then your job is half done. Then you will require a good alarm clock that wakes up you in the morning and a strong will to get out of the bed and reach for your sneakers. Yes, you will require a good pair of sneakers. As for dress code, don’t believe those characters orchestrating exercise wear in the commercials you see in the television. They are paid to say what they say. All you require as dress for your morning walk is a good pair of shorts and a cotton shirt/T-shirt.
Venture out: okay, the preparations are over, what next? You should decide where you should walk. The awareness of the benefits of walking (you were not aware so far? …better late than never) have done wonders to those parks in the cities. Most of them nowadays boast a good walking track as an outer ring of the park. They roughly measures about 400 meters if you do one round. If you are not fortunate enough of living nearby one, you can do a straight walk along the roadside (road side, mind you)
How long or how much to start with: Do not, repeat, Do not walk for almost an hour and half because of the over enthusiasm on the first day itself. Your body is not prepared for that. You will have such a muscle pain in the legs on that night, forcing you to abandon the idea of walking for the whole week. That is not a good sign. Any exercise form you choose, you have to start slowly, increase gradually and continue to do the same, unless something unwarranted force you to stop it. Experts suggest that it is ideal to do a fifteen minutes routine walk with a five minute rest and another routine walk of fifteen minutes to start with. Continue the pattern for that whole week and increase the fifteen to twenty next week, or if you are not feeling tired after the fifteen minutes you can change to twenty from the fourth day. Thus towards thirtieth day from the starting date you should be able to do a walk thirty-five minute rest-walk thirty pattern. Then maintain that level, because you have other things to do during the day.
Speed: Again, do not let the enthusiasm get the better of you. Don’t walk with a break-neck speed in the first day itself. But don’t do it like as if you are in for an evening stroll as well. A Brisk walk, stretching your legs to the best possible extend, with your hands swinging freely on your side should be the ideal way to do it.
One or two tips before you start walking will not be out of place. Before you start, take a glass of water so that it takes care of the body’s requirements till you are back at home. An empty stomach is what doctors advice, but if you have a habit of taking something with your early morning coffee, then limit it to two three biscuits or a slice of bread. Do one or two Stretch Exercises before you start walking. Always walk on the right side of the road till you reach the park or if you are walking on the road side. As a safety measure please carry a stick of two to two and half feet long as insurance from those stray dogs. Carry a plastic coated (otherwise the sweat you generate will deform them by the second day) ID card with your address in your shorts or shirt. If you can get a walking friend, very good because, more than avoiding the boredom of walking alone, help can reach you fast at times of distress. STOP repeat STOP the moment you feel uncomfortable in your chest or arms and seek immediate medical attention.
If you do these, down the line after two months your readings definitely will not make you frown when you have another check of your weight. I wish you many more strides towards reaching your goal-weight.


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