Wallstreet & Pharma=Death of the American Dream

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The conditioning of the masses gives the wealthiest power brokers a feeding line to our taxes. Wallstreet and Pharma are monolithic beasts feeding on a vulnerable host, not unlike how a cancer takes over the entire human system and destroys it. It's time to attack both and bring them into submission.

We Must Stop Believing What We Are Being Told By The Media Etc.

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In The Name of Profit

The latest bombshell dropped by the pharma and medical industry is that they won't manufacture generic drugs that don't bring in mammoth profits. As they released their reckless comments a few hundred people drew their last breath, having passed in excruciating agony because their much needed treatment drug ran out and desperate searches by hospitals turned up nothing but excuses. Try to imagine the mental anguish and disbelief the family experienced; you can't. These are Mafia tactics of the most criminal kind and we seem to have no way of defending ourselves. Isn't it obvious that these powerful world dictators are causing deaths in the name of profit?

Cancer continues it's Rampage Now Worse Then Ever
Why isn't this dreadful disease a thing of the past by now? After billions upon billions of dollars, it's gotten much worse. One in three people will be diagnosed with this killer disease. What is going on. The war on cancer is an astounding failure and we just shrug our shoulders, hang our head and shed tears as our loved ones agonize in horrible torment, then die. What is the American Cancer Society doing all this time. The American Cancer Society is pushing the same old treatment along with the Medical Industry and Pharma; Cut-, Poison and Burn the hell out of every single person that comes in with cancer. This disease has surpassed heart disease as the number 1 killer and it continues to increase at an alarming pace.

The Devils Dance of Profits
The profits from a cancer diagnosis are astronomical, while we consider that one in three women, and one in two men will now get some form of cancer in their lifetime, you do the math. You don't know the half of it, because God forbid that one of your children be diagnosed and you decide not to put him/her through the conventional treatments which offer very little hope of recovery, you will be turned in to the authorities for abuse. You will be subjected to every kind of pressure imaginable until you submit to the, cut-, poison-, burn treatment. The sad story only gets worse when we receive the shocking news that numerous times a cure for cancer has been introduced but all have been squashed in their tracks. The people who are diagnosed with this terrible disease are desperate and vulnerable so they become pawns in the hands of the powerful medical industry's bullying and fear tactics until they submit to the treatment. This is the reason why the cancer industry business keeps growing alongside cancer "non-profits," such as the American Cancer Society, because conventional treatment costs hundreds of thousands of dollars from diagnosis to the death of the patient, it can run up as high as a million dollars.
Radiation & Chemo- Where Did It All Start
Chemo began in 1960, when a poison gas was used on one mouse and it killed some cancerous tumors, the problem is that they tried it again and again on other mice and it didn't work. That didn't matter, they passed this bogus treatment on the premise that it worked on one mouse, radiation was added and made standard treatment for cancer. I am at a loss for words at the abomination and the incredible crimes which this agency has committed against people.

A Cure:
There is the case of the Navarro family whose son had been diagnosed with cancer. They were blocked from looking elsewhere for their son's treatment. Even when the doctor himself admitted that chemo would not help their son, he still insisted that they submit to the treatment. The parents were blocked from using a proven cancer treatment created by Dr. Burznski-a non-toxic treatment with an average success rate of 50-60%, because it was not an approved "standard of care." This child was sacrificed in the name of profit. Safe and effective treatments for cancer do exist. Research-, Dr. Burzynski's gene-specific treatment- he uses antineoplastons, peptides and derivatives of amino acids that act as molecular and genetic switches. They turn off oncogenes, the genes that cause cancer, and they activate chemo supressor genes; the genes that fight cancer. It is completely non-toxic. As I write this article, the news report is now running on channel 7 about the shortages of cancer treatment and other treatment drugs. The Pharma industry needs to make at least 650% profit or they will not manufacture it.

A Book I Will Never Forget
I will never, ever forget a book which I was lucky to run across many, many years ago, I can't recall the title but I remember the content. It made an impact on me but I didn't really know why at the time, maybe because it was backed up by evidence, maybe it was so heartfelt but something was very special about the author and his book. The book was about a renowned and very respected doctor, don't ask me for names because I don't remember. The doctor had discovered what this "cancer" disease was, where it came from, how it entered the body and most of all, how to cure it. The doctor was excited when he realized that he had solved the mystery of a disease that even way back then was destroying so many lives. It was way back a few years after the rage of processed foods hit the markets and people started cooking with oils, eating snack foods and drinking everything they could find bottled on shelves. It was way back when farmers realized they could give their cows injections that would make their cows become much fatter and give more milk, the list is endless as to how our consumables have evolved from healthy and nutritious to dead, useless and in many cases dangerous for our systems. The majority of our fruits and vegetables are exposed to pesticides so potent and insidious, that many times people become ill and die and don't realize that they have accumulated so many toxins in their body and it was from the very food they thought was supposed to keep them healthy. Our system does not know how to assimilate many of these ingredients and so it is thrown off, eventually causing some terrible reaction with an end result which we never expected; Cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease, Alzheimers, etc.
Back to my story, as I said, the doctor was very excited and so eventually there was a huge convention where all the most notable and respected medical authorities were to meet and present their findings, experiments and knowledge on cancer. When he went up and offered his findings with evidence, paperwork and all the required processes there was a huge resounding applause. Soon though, not long after, things turned sour. The doctor began to receive letters and calls from organizations and corporate fellows, telling him there was a better and much more profitable way, a way which they could all become very wealthy. After years of fighting these greedsters receiving threats and eventually having his practice destroyed, the doctor finally realized he could not win.

I read about the doctor and his plight, it is a true story. This same scenario has been played over and over. Many more have come forward with a cure for this and other horrible diseases but the rich and powerful, those who are heavily vested in the standard treatments for all the diseases, those who control what we read, what we watch on television etc, are now more powerful then they were back then.
That's how the standard cancer treatment of today came about. It was through threats from those in power, that is also how we became a country that is being held hostage in our health, our economy, our transportation, our consumables, (oil is used to manufacture products as well as heating and vehicles), and in our information. Everything from what we eat, to what we read, including the news, it is largely, filtered through a media owned by the powerful elite, it is to benefit the rich, truly they dictate who lives, how we live and how and when we die. Thank God for the internet, where if you are an independent thinker, you can research and find answers but it's not easy, you have to persist.

We don't have to submit to the chemo and radiation torture in order to live a couple of more years if we're lucky to survive the treatment. Yes, sometimes there is the exception like the mouse that was treated with gas and survived, unfortunately the mice that followed were not so lucky. Contrary to the Power Elite's belief; We are not mice.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
12th Oct 2011 (#)

Right on article silverangel33. Thne American Cancer Society from the day of its founding has had a vested interest in not finding a cure for cancer.

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author avatar chrysolite
15th Nov 2011 (#)


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author avatar silverangel33
12th Oct 2011 (#)

In fact one of the best things that ever happened as far as these happy Rippers is concerned is Aspartame, which is the next article I will write about soon as I slow down a little in my schedule.
Thank you for reading Steve, hope you're having a good day!

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author avatar chrysolite
15th Nov 2011 (#)

I'm looking forward to your Aspartarme article, the issue is more than a disgrace! The drug of choice to keep the population's head down!

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author avatar chrysolite
15th Nov 2011 (#)

Thank you for this article, silverangel33! It is the truth, nothing but the truth.

As some of you may know, I grew up in Germany and even during WWII, a cancer research study showed that cancer can consistently be cured by eating fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, almonds, apricot kernels (no more that 7 per day). The study is still buried in a town called Jena in the Eastern part of Germany in a big library.

Quite a few doctors in Germany knew this and started treatment and even clinics and have consistently cured people from cancer this way. Many of those doctors were persecuted and even imprisoned.

Fortunately for the Germans, we have it still written in the constitution that we "can choose the medical system" we prefer. That makes it at least possible for the people who want to buy a book and study the issue that they can cure themselves from cancer.

May I be permitted to add also that from day one a baby is poisoned with vaccines and a chemical cocktail that passes for baby milk to junk food, medicinal and street drugs, E-numbers, the list is endless.

Cancer is NOT an illness, it's a bodily function that allows the body to "store" everything away and as soon as a person starts with fresh vegetables and fruit, those cancerous growths are eliminated again, but by bit, just the same as they accumulated bit by bit.

And then the medical profession has nothing better to do than to take a sample, sticking a needle into the tumorous growth and actually causing the cancer cells to spread. And it's not as if the doctors didn't know it! They do know it!

Unfortunately, I'm not a doctor, I haven't studied medicine or ill health, but I studied AND followed the teachings of the great health teachers of this century and can testify that this is right. My parents (were), my brother, my husband and I are totally healthy and we are in our late 50ies. What more proof do we have to present???

And may I close with the words of Americas foremost Naturopath, Dr. John R. Christopher who stated:

"There are no incurable diseases, only at times incurable people who don't want to follow the plan."

One day the truth will be able to stand on its own and will not need us to defend it!

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author avatar silverangel33
16th Nov 2011 (#)

Thank you for your deep and informative comment, I can't believe how in this country we have such hate filled and evil leaders who willingly and knowingly expose millions to danger in the name of personal profit. Sadly most of us are hopelessly addicted and/or oblivious to the danger lurking in those pretty packaged, over processed garbage on grocery store shelves. Where does it end?

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author avatar chrysolite
16th Nov 2011 (#)

It is sad to say, silverangel33, but it will end in sorrow, pain and death.

The name of the game is: Profit and they will make profit even over our dead bodies if we don't stop them. Can WE stop them. No, but I can stop playing the game and I have. I walk my talk and I'm happy and healthy.

Was it difficult? - Yes. Did I have to search and search for the truth for years? - Yes. Did I go without all the fun/junk food and drink? - Yes. Did my husband and I finally move to a little valley in the mountains with fresh air, good water and like-minded people? - Yes.

We all have the choice and if we don't go away from the system, we have to participate and play the game. Freedom is a choice - always! Not "being able to" take one's freedom and with it the responsibility is an excuse.

There is always another way ...

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