Want to Reduce Fat Post-marriage?

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Are you worried about the extra fat on your body after marriage? Read then:

keep a check on the extra weight

With marriage comes happiness, frequent dinners and parties and high-fat foods. No surprise that after wedding women tend to put on weight very easily. With responsibilities n their heads, they forget to pay attention to their body and put on those extra pounds. You feel helpless when you see that extra fat on your belly, thighs, arms and hips. Your clothing size is not the same that you could show your curves. Your husband feels that now that you are not enthusiastic about your relationship? But that’s not true. You want to become the same woman that your guy loved and fell flat on seeing you for the first time. It’s possible, yes! Just follow the tips.
1. Hit the gym and keep a check on your diet – Before wedding a lot of women take crash diets and gym a lot to fit into the awesome wedding gown. This slows down the metabolism rate of the body. But after marriage you either do not get time to carry on the same regime or not that serious anymore. So, get that excitement and motivation. Start exercising. If you cant hit the gym, exercise at home. Dieting is just a temporary thing. Eat well and burn calories by exercising well.

2. After you get married, you spend more time with your husband and follows romantic dinners and movies which means huge calorie intake. Ice-creams at night while out for a walk seems to happen everyday. You tend to follow and eat what your husband is eating. So, keep a check on what you are eating. In fact, tell your husband too. Eat small portions when you feel hungry. Fruits are the best choice.

3. When you are not married, you tend to go out more with friends. You go out with your guy for shopping and take strolls. But after getting married, you want to stick to your room and husband. Your social network becomes dull and that leads to accumulation of fats on your body. You become less active so your calories are not getting burnt. Go out and date again. Go shopping!

4. After tiring days of shopping for wedding and the parties you want to relax. And after that you start loving the relaxation mode. You do not want to work, go out or exercise. It’s a warning for husbands that your wife does no think that now she needs to impress you. We, women should look god for our self if not for anybody else. It boosts your zest for life and you feel good. So, get out those jogging shoes fast. You do not want your husband to look at other women and think ‘my wife should have been like that.’ So, Check your weight everyday.

5. Make exercise plans together. If you both will plan out a walk or jog, you can spend time together yet lose weight. The motivation will be thousand times more!


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author avatar Priyanka Bhowmick
24th Aug 2010 (#)

great tips.. i shall try out.. thnx for sharing :)

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author avatar ashucharu
24th Aug 2010 (#)

my pleasure priyanka...thanx for reading..looking forward to read more from u ,...cheers

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author avatar LOVERME
25th Aug 2010 (#)

good write lovely poem
keep it up
keep sharing
that's all they r doing
no rea lcommenting what????

r u happy

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author avatar Funom Makama
23rd Nov 2011 (#)

these are absolutely great tips..

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