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Want to beat that cold that's going around? Then take a look at this list - it'll help you to keep your immune system in check and make you feel and look better all year round. Obviously you can buy vitamin supplements but you shouldn't just rely on these, it's far better to eat the foods that contain these vitamins as they also contain other nutrients that are beneficial for your body.


We all know that berries are extremely good for us, they're packed full of antioxidants and vitamins and they are low in calories, it's a no brainer really!

Strawberries, Blackberries, Cranberries, Raspberries, Goji and Acai berries all contain high levels of antioxidants (good for your immune system and also help prevent inflammatory disorders such as Osteoarthritis, Atherosclerosis and Asthma), Vitamin C, Manganese (good for bones and immune system), Vitamin K and fibre amongst other nutrients that help fight against cancer and other diseases.


Salmon is packed full of protein and is very low in fat compared to other protein sources, also, our cells are made of protein so it makes sense to eat this on a regular basis ( no more than 2/3 times a week though). Salmon also contains Omega 3, a very good fat that helps to keep your heart and blood healthy as well as helping to prevent depression and the onset of Dementia. Omega 3 is also good for your brain as it helps to lubricate the neural transmitters that are essential in keeping good brain health!


This 'superfood' is best eaten raw as some of the nutrients are lost during the cooking process, however, it isn't to everyone's taste so even if you just chuck it in the pan when you're cooking. Garlic is very good for a healthy heart and blood circulation so try to include it as often as you can.

If you really can't stand garlic then onions are a good substitute as they contain much the same properties.


Brocolli is great for your health as it contains Vitamin C (which helps your body absorb iron and calcium), vitamin A, antioxidants, fibre, calcium, iron, and folates ((folic acid) which helps prevent heart disease).

It tastes great in a stir fry or even on the side of your Sunday roast, try and eat as much of this veg as possible.


Kind of an obvious one really, this fruit is packed full of vitamin C which helps the absorption of iron and calcium, it also contains fibre which is essential for healthy bowels.


Tomatoes are great, they're packed full of lycopene (an antioxidant) and Vitamin C and are very low in calories.

The more you cook tomatoes the better they are for you as opposed to other fruits/veggies that tend to lose a lot of nutrients during the cooking process.

Dark chocolate

This one is my favourite! Studies have shown that dark chocolate has beneficial properties such as Zinc which helps to enhance your immune system (it's also good for your skin) as well as Vitamin C. Eating dark chocolate (you want to go for chocolate that has 60% + cocoa content for it to be beneficial and if possible one that doesn't contain vegetable or trans fats) also helps to increase blood flow to the brain.

Unfortunately research has shown that only two chunks of dark chocolate is the adequate amount to reap the benefits!


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