Was it a Dream or a Premonition?

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This article discusses the difference between dreams and premonitions.

Can Your Dreams Tell The Future

For as long as I can remember, I have had strange dreams that came in bits and pieces. Dreams that ended up happening. I got to the point where people would ask me how do you know, I would simply answer I dreamed it. I used to get weird looks all the time from my friends when I would say that, now they accept it because they have seen it happen. I didn't understand why I would dream about things that were going to happen, sometimes minor things that really didn't matter but nonetheless, I would dream it and it would happen.

I began speaking to my mother about it, and learned she had the same ability, and my grandmother, and her mother. This was something they were more than willing to talk about because none of them had brought it up to the others in the past. It was like a flood of relief washed over the women in my family, we were not alone, and we were not going crazy.

I began researching the difference between dreams and premonitions because I do have regular dreams at times and wake up thinking oh, I really hope that doesn't happen. There is always a feeling that comes with the premonitions though, a pay attention kind of feeling. I still wanted answers and wanted to know the difference between a dream and premonition.

A dream can be a mix of the things you have seen, read, or watched throughout the day. I often dream of fire in the winter time which is no surprise because I am always putting logs on the fire and ensuring it doesn't go out. I no longer watch the news because it deeply affects my dreams. When you dream of things that relate to what you have been focused on or what you have seen, it simply is a dream. There is another type of dream that is a release for your subconscious. This type of dream is telling you your subconscious is worried about something, if for instance, you dream you lose all of your teeth, you're subconsciously worried that you will not be able to provide for your family. You are not going to lose all of your teeth, but this helps the body release the stress from the worrying.

A premonition is very different from a dream, I have found that while awake, someone or something can pop into my mind, it can be a person I haven't seen in years, suddenly within a few days I hear from them. Those are the minor premonitions that I have no clue why they happen, but when sleeping it is very different, these will come like a picture, someone handing you money, or a car crash. You end up having to piece these pictures together to make any sense out of them and usually you have to really work to see what they mean. A lot of mine have been revealed in hindsight, looking back and asking myself why didn't I understand that. That will help you in the future to understand what your premonitions mean. Now I take them as they come, tell who needs to be told and leave it at that.

This can be a heavy burden to carry but it is also an amazing gift. Writing your premonitions down is a good tip because they tend to get lost throughout the day. Also carry a notebook with you because something that happens during the day may trigger the memory of a premonition you didn't even know you had. Pay attention and see how many of your 'dreams' come true.


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