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Everything about water.Is healthy or not?And if its not healthy,why not.How can we make it healthy.

Distilled water for drinking?

Yesterday I have read book about water. Actually about distilled water from Norman W. Walker.He say that only distilled water is good for drinking. Okay, many people say many things, but I think that he is right about that.
He say that every living being, that's plants too, have water in organisms.(actually that is what we have learned in school, but they didn't say anything about distilled water) Well I have friend that is medic and he say that water for infusion is the distilled water. That means without any minerals.
So when I have read about the distilled water clean all minerals from the body and it's bad influence on human body, I was pretty sure that's not completely true.
The most interesting thing in the book is that some guy (scientists) has written about benefits of distilled water in 1850 or something. And that tap water is bad for humans.
I recommend this book, it pull many questions about water that we drink.

Oh, I didn't say that writer Norman is death :-)

But he has died when he was 116 years old!!!

Maybe someone has experience with drinking distilled water?

Text from the same author is over here http://www.bubblews.com/news/827727-distilled-water-for-drinking

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