Ways To Keep Your Teeth Tip-Top

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With proper care, your teeth and gums can stay healthy throughout your life.


Losing your teeth an inevitable consequence of aging.I believes that by being aware of the main dangers to our teeth,and following some simple rules to protect them,we can grow old with our teeth healthy and intact.Here is some advices..

Be Drink Aware

The main threats to your mouth are sugar and acids-which is why drinking alcohol poses a problem for your teeth.Most alcoholics drinks contain sugar,which along with your mouth bacteria can cause tooth decay.Worse still,arriving home drunk can mean you forget to brush your teeth and therefore allow the bacteria to have a party in your mouth.A lot of alcoholic drinks,especially ones with carbonated mixers,are very acidic and can dissolve your tooth enamel,leading to sensitive teeth and making them more vulnerable to decay.Meanwhile,if you really have drunk too much,vomiting poses more problems,as it brings stomach acid into your mouth,which contributes towards the enamel dissolving.Fuzzy and sports drinks are just as bad as they contain a large amount of sugar and acid that can dissolve your teeth,and even the sugar -free ones contain significant amounts of acid.After a single sip it takes your mouth 20 minutes to neutralize this acid.


- In between alcoholic drinks,swish your mouth with water.

-Chew sugar-free gum on your way home from a night out to increase saliva flow,as this will help neutralize the acid and wash away the sugars.

-Leave your toothbrush on your pillow before you leave the house so you do not forget to brush when you get back.

-Reduce the number of drinks you have and,if you can, drink through a straw to avoid the liquid touching your teeth.

-Do not brush straight after a having a drink,but if you must then swill with water for 20 seconds first or use sugar-free gum afterwards.

-Try to limit drinks to mealtimes; that way, the food will help neutralize the acid.

Not All White

Beware of some home whitening kits as not all are CE approved - so may not meet all the appropriate provisions of relevant. European directives - and they may contain acidic or high concentrations of peroxide.


-Only buy CE -approved kits.

-Speak to your dentist about whitening, he or she will offer the fastest and safest options

On Guard

If you playing sport that involves physical contact or moving objects and have been knocked in face with enough force to cause pain, you are lucky you did get a tooth knocked out.


-Generic mouth are available from shops or on the internet , but while they provide some protection , they tend to be bulky and often interfere with talking and breathing. Instead, you could try using a custom-made mouth guard from your dentist , which will offer maximum protection and comfort so you can concentrate fully on the game.

Hard Knock Life

Enamel is the hardest substance in your body, but it's no match for your beer bottle!-teeth are incredibly brittle from certain angels,which is why opening packets , chewing your nails and tearing sticky tape are classic causes of chipped teeth.Ice cubes and hard sweets can also crack your teeth.You usually hear a cracking sound, then experience sharp pain.


-Always use bottle opener or scissors.

-Suck rather than crunch sweets , and if you must chew on ice, use the crushed variety.

Piercing Problem

They may be seen as cool, but tongue and lip piercings can cause damage inside your mouth. Because your tongue is constantly moving, the piercing can chip neighboring teeth believe me!
I know from my personal experience!


-If you have a lip or tongue piercing, get it checked regularly by your dentist.They can monitor for signs of infection and treat it

Smoke Signals

Smokers mouth have a reduced blood supply,which means the warning signal associated with gum disease often go undetected ,the first sign that problems are developing is when the teeth start become loose.Usually ,gums bleed when there is gum disease , but in smokers this also hidden until it is too late.

Smoking can also lead to oral cancer.


-See your dentist , who can look for the early warning signs.

-Brush twice a day as this can help reduce the progression of gum disease.

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