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While battling all the daily stress that leaves us tired and feeling down at the end of the day can we really think positive? İn fact; yes. But even that needs power to control your mind and even your thoughts running deep down...

All is in your mind and subconsicous.

Brain is the most mysterious organ in our body. Still many parts of it remain unresolved and the parts that have been discovered even remain a mystery. İt's a flow of thoughts,commands,feelings,judgements and many other numerous actions that go on the whole day. İn this essay of mine i would like to write about controlling thoughts and converting them to positive ways. İt is not as complicated as most of us think. İt's about convincing yourself that when you look back all you leave behind are those simple beautiful moments to remember. Why not increase them? Why not fill your life with beautiful moments that you make? Believe or not all the control is yours in the fast flow of life.

Controling stress and judging yourself

Daily stress can even become a routine and everyone knows that overdose stress can even lead to serious health problems. No need to write down what stress is and it's main causes, we all know and live it each and everyday some of us being stressed themselves. But what if we are surrounded by stressed people and they actually cause a headache to us? This is so common. At school, at work or even in family relations we are stressed by the people who cause problems all the time. So what to do? The answer being more simple than you think, actually putting it to work is harder: ignore! yes do ignore if you have got nothing to do with the topic. İf you do simply tell the part that you were right at and keep quiet if that person is still shouting or tyring to pull you in the middle of the argument. İf you really are guilty then simply apologize and again don't answer back. A fight will make you feel down and aggressive gaining nothing once you are done. Tell what you are going to tell politely and all will be easier. İf you respect the people around you they will respect you back. At the end of the day you won't feel that tired and once you judge yourself you will find yourself innocent rather then questioning yourself why you shouted that much or used that rude word when it wasn't really necessary.

Do respect, be polite and see the good sides of events

Non of us seek for stress but during the day it somehow finds us. Trick is to escape it fast and effectively to convert our thoughts to what we were concentrating on. Stress, bad events and daily rush is all around us. The moment we take the step out we start the battle. İt can even be in our houses if we have any family problems. İ have caught the beautiful flow of life with respectfulness, politeness and by smiling to everyone. Just as a mirror would work you will start seeing the results. Other people will start acting the same way to you. İf you want a fight and are stressed yourself take look around you; you are surrounded by the same type of people.

Be thankful for everything you have

We all have ambitions and things we want in our lives. We work for them all the time. İt might be something material or spiritual but something is for sure: you can gain nothing by just sitting doing nothing. This goes even for positive thinking. Take a look at all the things you have and be thankful. Think of the poor people or people with lots of health problems who are spending their lives in hospitals. There are many other examples so now look back and ask yourself: aren't you lucky? You have many pluses compared to those types of people: be thankful. Yes there are people living much better lives than you do but why bother? Always and always do a favor for yourself, for a better life: be happy with what you have and always work for more without stressing or jealousity catching you.

Laugh and smile as much as you can

Take a look around carefully: the day can be going on boring or stressfully but hey, why not amuse yourself? There are many funny events going on among with it i bet. Try to relax and focus on laughing rather than trying to solve problems above your control. Live, love and laugh all the time. Convert your flow of thoughts into positive ones and don't forget; only you can do that. Don't wait for things to turn out better instead turn them out: take the control in your hands. Have a beautiful life..


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author avatar Greenfaol
22nd May 2011 (#)

Some very good points, however I do think that ignoring the things that are stressing you can be very harmful. Finding out why they stress you and trying to combat that is a far better way of dealing with people/situations which stess you.
Overall, a great article, and the advice on laughter is truly great advice :D

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author avatar richred90
22nd May 2011 (#)

Thank you so much Greenfaol im just trying to be helpful to people :)

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