Weigh the pros and cons of a decision and then commit.

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Life is about the choices we make. You weigh the pros and cons of a decision and then commit.

Radiation side effects.

As I’ve mentioned before, radiation therapy has two potential side effects, fatigue and sun burn/blistered skin. No one knows for sure why some people experience these side effects while others don't.

I checked in with my Phyllodes Tumor support group and asked the ladies for their experience. It ranged from no side effects to side effects that sound difficult.

Some reported they had extreme exhaustion regardless of how much sleep they had, as well as extreme pain to have their clothes touch their skin.

The side effects started about 3 weeks into the treatments and lasted about 3 weeks after their last treatment session.

But, isn't that life? You weigh the pros and cons of a decision and then commit. Choosing radiation treatments in spite of the side effects have kept most of the ladies with malignant Phyllodes Tumor, cancer free. The ladies who haven't had radiation treatments (typically because it wasn't offered to them) have had a recurrence of this cancer.

Based on this information, I chose to commit to radiation therapy. I’m a “the glass is ½ full” woman. So, I believed this would be my path as well.

Exercise is key to our health.

I was told by my doctor, that exercise could help to manage the fatigue. Whether we are facing a life threatening disease or not, exercise is important for all of us.

No. 1: Helps us to manage our weight
No. 2: Combats health conditions and diseases
No. 3: Improves our mood
No. 4: Boosts our energy
No. 5: Our sleep is better
No. 6: Puts that zing/spark in our sex life

Regarding #6, if our mates understood this one, they would have us at the gym on a regular basis, right?

I am committed to my process, my healing and my health.

To try to minimize sun burn or blistered skin, I used a product called Aquafor. It was the number 1 choice by my doctor. I started using it 2 weeks prior to my first radiation session and I applied it 2 to 3 times per day.

I still recall the radiology nurse telling me repeatedly that my skin was going to burn and that I was going to eventually be in a lot of pain. Each time I said, but I didn’t sign up for that, so that’s not going to happen. She would give me a smirk, shake her head and laugh, as if to say, “just wait and see, you're going to be in pain.”

I’m happy to report that after 33 sessions, my skin did not turn red, burn, peel or hurt ever. I believe it’s because I got an early start on using the Aquafor and had my skin well primed before the first radiation session. I also never missed any day of putting on the Aquafor.

Although I exercised regularly, I didn't have the same success rate with fatigue. It's always possible it could have been worse if I hadn't exercised.

In spite of the issue that I experienced with fatigue, I am committed to my process, to my healing and to my health.

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author avatar Sue Vigeland
20th Apr 2014 (#)

This is very timely for me. I have a borderline-malignant phyllodes tumor and meet with the radiologist this Friday. I am going out to get Aquafor tomorrow! Godd luck to you. Your blog helps alot. I am in 2 support groups for Phyllodes on Facebook. Thanks so much!

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author avatar Katharyn Brady
20th Apr 2014 (#)

Hi Sue -

What I didn't know at the beginning of my journey was that you need a Sarcoma Oncologist. Had I known earlier, it would have saved a surgery. The top Cancer Centers are Stanford Hospital, Stanford, CA, MD Anderson in Houston Texas and Sloan Ketterling in New York City, NY. I'll be writing about this in the next couple of days but wanted to share with you asap.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
20th Apr 2014 (#)

Sorry to hear about your ill-health Always believe you are what you eat. Its just like you are what you co-create wherein the mind is the magical place to be in and within that you have a choice to learn that processed food of today causes health maladies and robs you of age.

Do the SWOT analysis of life wherein some weaknesses are opportunities to grow and some opportunities become threats. Its all about the live we live and the choices we make. Take Care. God Bless....

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
20th Apr 2014 (#)

Personally, I would want to go away naturally and quietly without expense to anyone....

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