Weight Loss Decisions: Eat More and Live Happier and Slimmer

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When one wants to lose weight, one must not resort to starvation. Starvation can have serious side effects. Instead, eat food that helps you lose weight.

Taking Right Decisions for Losing Weight

Being overweight is not a sin, after all one could commit a sin and not put on weight. Seriously, look at all the times you wanted to run away from food, good healthy nutritious food. Indulging yourself has several good points and it would surprise you to know that eating more could actually make you healthier and slimmer. Here are some common questions and answers plus tips.

Changing your Habits Overnight

To get organized one has to make a list of must-not-touch foods. One could also include the foods one normally eats, along with timings. No, these timings are not about how fast you eat, but at what time of the day you eat the food.
1) Fries and crisps
2) Foods dripping with fat and oil
3) Fast foods that have excess butter and cheese
Foods you can and must eat:
a) Salads
b) Fruits and juices
c) Skimmed milk shakes
d) Lean meat
e) Protein biscuits
f) Healthy portions of whole grain foods
Being strict does not mean being Spartan
Being creative with content always brings a smile to the face. Dieters like to include the forbidden fruit, the chocolate pie or the chicken sandwich and hope that it is included and well, why not? This is creativity and though it sounds good, one has to make sure that it is good.

Principle of Metabolism and Energy

Metabolic activity is the engine inside a person. It keeps the energy topped, repairs done and heart running smoothly. Metabolism is an integral part of an individual. It varies according to body type, big or small structured and on the amount of activity, one does.
1) Small boned
2) Big boned
3) High level of activity
4) Medium activity level
5) Low activity levels
Use on online calculator to find what your calorie requirement is. This Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is an indication of amount of food one has to eat everyday. One could also find it out using the following formula.
For males: Multiply your weight by 9, your height in centimeters by 25 and add it to 10,000. Now multiply your age by 21 and reduce this number from the figure previously obtained. Divide the resultant by 120 and you have your minimum calorie requirements.
(Weight x 9) + (Height x 25) + 10,000 = A
(Age x 21) = B
(A – B)/ 120 = calorie requirement
For females: Multiply your weight by 36, multiply your height by 107 and add this number to 149,000. Multiply your age by 77 and reduce it from the total. Now divide the entire thing by 333. This will give you your daily requirement for calories.
(Weight x 36) + (Height x 107) + 149,000 = A
(Age x 77) = B
(A –B)/333 = calorie requirement
Use the correct approach to keep your food balanced. Every meal should have proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

1) Burns fats and then shuts down metabolism
a. Harmful effects of starving
b. Energy required for metabolism
2) Does not supply energy for that person
a. Daily activity reduces
b. Internal mobilization of energy stops
3) Burning of fats by including right ingredients
a. Chilies, cucumbers and cayenne pepper
b. Green tea
c. Spices like ginger, mustard, cardamom and cumin
Starvation shuts down internal systems of body. This is one important reason why you should never ever starve yourself. The body sees lowered levels of energy as a danger and shuts down everything except most essential systems inside the body. Thus, a person who is starving will not have repairing of tissues or growth of new cells, internal system will stop all responses to these luxurious activities.

When one has energy, one is enthusiastic and conducts all responsibilities without flagging. Drop of energy will make a person lose concentration and do their duty at a lower efficiency level.
Increase amounts of spices you include while cooking. Turmeric suppresses formation of fat tissue and is present in lot of curries. Cardamom is a thermogenic spice that helps burn fat. Mustard increases metabolic rate by 20-25% and that means you will be digesting faster and more effectively.

Improve intake of Proteins

People have benefited when they increased proportion of proteins in their food and decreased carbohydrate intake. Eating more food that has lot of protein and very little carbohydrate oat biscuits, for example, helps you control your appetite and supplies all the energy required for your metabolism.
Meat and fish consist only of proteins. By eating this type of food, one gets satisfied and does not have craving for sweets and starchy foods that make you put on weight. Fish oil is very beneficial for burning fat. In fact eating a specified amount of starchy foods is also essential since this balances the diet.

Activity and Energy Consumption

Incorporating exercises helps to augment metabolism and according to the level of activity, BMR increases or decreases.
No exercises: BMR x 1.204
Light daily activity: BMR x 1.388
Moderate activity: BMR x 1.477
Very active: BMR x 1.744
Extreme activity: 1.833
Take for instance, the BMR of a person is 1400 and the person has moderate levels of activity. Then calorie requirements now become 2000 calories. This means he or she has to eat more.

Advantages in Eating More

Eating more is essential if one wants to include lot of activity daily. Energy is a must for all activity. Since this comes only from food, one has to eat more. Changing a portion of the activities one does everyday into exercises one creates more growth opportunities for muscles to grow. Thus more body mass is converted into muscles rather than fat.
Eating more will help mobilize the metabolism to burn more calories for its activities. One feels enthusiastic about working and involving in daily activities. More involved one is with these activities, more useful it becomes. You spend time now in a better and more efficient manner.
Once you eat more, you feel better and since you are eating healthy, it does not convert into ugly fat. Cereal, corn, grain and fiber improve metabolic activity. Metabolism is responsible for growth of cells and tissues repair of damaged cells and for maintaining various activities like circulation, respiration and digestion functioning smoothly.

Inter-relation between Eating More and Digestion

For mobilizing the fat and burning it, one needs digestive power of the body metabolism. Thus, even eating requires energy, which one gets only by burning food. This is thermal effect of food (TEF).
Bringing sunshine into your life is beneficial, eat more and laugh more. When you are happy, you do grow sedentary and this is one reason why people insist on exercises. Exercises keep your BMR up and your diets big and healthy. Also, feel free to write us if you have more questions and answers plus tips.

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