Weight Loss Setback Should Not Spell Disaster

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Losing weight is good for us, unless we are one of the skinny breed. Sometimes though, in the name of mental health, we stray from our good intentions. Over indulgence is only a set back, not a disaster.

Keeping an eye on weight loss

I recently purchased some digital scales and my body thanks me for the decision. Slowly but steadily the weight has been falling off. Only in small doses mind you, but I am happy with my progress. Since buying my digital scales I've been checking my weight on a daily basis. Checking keeps me honest in how my eating and exercising is going. For those of us hoping to lose weight, there is nothing more delightful than finding we've lost 200 grams after a day of hard exercise or sensible eating. There is no clearer reminder or punishment for our sins than finding last nights indulgence in fish and chips and a couple of glasses of wine created a setback in our weight loss programme.

Mental health is important too.

Weight loss is a serious process for many people. However, some people, like myself, find if we don't check our weight regularly we revert to older and more natural habits. Chocolate, wine and avoiding exercise all come to mind. There are times though when enough is enough. Maybe we've had a hard day. We're hot, tired and can't be bothered cooking. A 5 km walk or 10 km bike ride is far from appealing.
These times, when we'd prefer to be pampered rather than denied, are all right. They are good for our mental health. I tell myself that anyway. There is nothing wrong with taking a short break from good habit, all in the name of mental health. There have to be some rewards in this life of ours.

One day at a time

If we are sensible, losing weight will be a one day at a time affair. Eating, exercise, living life to its fullest and staying healthy are how many of us spend each 24 hours allotted to us. Life should not be about deprivation, but about enjoyment.
So, with that philosophy in mind, giving in to temptation should not be a disaster. We should not consider ourselves failure if we eat too much of the wrong food. We have not blown our diet plan if we gain a little weight because we gave in to temptation. One day does not constitute a disaster. Tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow is another day

Occasional lapses may well be good for us, especially if we get right back on track the next day. If our scales show a slight increase in the morning, consider it a first warning. Yesterday is gone, never to be retrieved. Rather than feel guilty, start each new day afresh. It was only a slight weight gain, not a national disaster.
There are hopefully lots more tomorrows in our lives when we can eat correctly and exercise correctly, and avoid temptation.

Feel good about yourself

If you've made the decision to lose weight, or maintain your current weight, you are allowed to celebrate your success. Occasional lapses are not important in the bigger scheme of things. Take each day as it comes. Use your scales to stay on track and monitor your progress. Eat well, exercise well and feel good about yourself.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
19th Feb 2011 (#)

Val, I am no expert, but that last picture of you skipping rope... I am pretty sure you are doing it wrong ;)

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author avatar Val Mills
19th Feb 2011 (#)

Just posing, standing on the rope the way we teach kids at school when they are supposed to be listening, not skipping :-)

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author avatar Retired
19th Feb 2011 (#)

Good info...thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Denise O
24th Feb 2011 (#)

Mark you are funny.
Nicely written and great advice. Love your picture, you look marvelous hon. Keep up the great work.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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