Well, since we cannot "create" our lives, we will do our best to control our lives

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God created the universe, and is neither a he or a she, but the all that there is in existence as a realistic and objective reality that is all. As such, God will grant genuinely anything we ask, but we have to be very careful about it. That is where affirmations and mind-stuff work comes in. In the article below, I will write some more about the whole reality I am alluding to in this introduction:

The Big "Why"

We already understand the basics of the "how" if we are intelligent in a normal and modern way. The thing that gets all of us in trouble is always the "why", and I do mean the big "why". When I think of the nature of consciousness, reality and existence as a whole, there really is nothing new under the sun or in the universe of existence. But, what always invariably seems new is the fact that we can control it genuinely with honest self-work. That is the "big and giant why" that gets all of us in 'trouble', we are consciously and subconsciously in the driver's seat with our free will to make what we want of it, even if we "relinquish control of it to chance or luck". So, get this reality in your mind: The higher your consciousness, the more your genuine control. I Mean think about a saying like "the early bird gets the worm" or "winner take all". Those saying imply that alertness and consciousness is a necessity and good things do not come automatically. On the other hand, losing takes nothing but shirking opportunity. That is all. All you have to do is miss and shirk and you have messed up. Sort of like Richard "Ringo Starr" Starkey being conscious enough to keep perfect time on the drums and become and stay with that music band The Beatles and make great music, versus Pete Best who was popular with the girls, but lax at drumming and did not take the music seriously. Fortune works like that so many times. Sometimes, genuine fortunes come from finding out all the ways that do not work, and then finding the way that does that gets you through to what does work. To win, we must raise our consciousness, and then live up to it.

Good things

Good things come to they who know when and how to take an opportunity and make the most of it. Sure, we can chock it up to luck, fortune, and chance. But, I understand that the first statement in this section I made is the honest and real truth: Good things come to they who know when and how to take an opportunity and make the most of it. They say fortune favors the bold, and that is what I understand "they" mean by that statement. We must take opportunity and be grateful for the blessings. Without a consciousness of gratitude, even the best wealth is poverty, even the greatest strength is weakness.

The best people in the world are the most cheerful and grateful. We see proof of this fact all the time, even with the blessing of food during meals. Reality comes down to a consciousness of power and a consciousness of opportunity. Without these, we all have nothing but "empty luck" like winning a shell game without intuition. The best things in life come to the most conscious people. I did not say that bad things do not happen, or mistakes do not happen. But, as you can tell by what was written before, a consciousness of gratitude is always a great thing. With it we are always winners, and it does not matter what temporary loss comes our way, because we can always grasp opportunity with our consciousness when it comes, and recognize it well enough. To finally quote Thomas Edison: "I just found 9,999 things that do not work, so I will make it on the one that does." speaking of the light bulb experiments. Sure, Lewis A. Latimer mixed the tungsten and drew up the formal schematics, but the quote is an accurate reality of how it all really works. You find many ways that do not work and go with the one that does that gets you though. After all, it only takes one bad ways that are temporary failure, and one good one to get you through to success, that is reality. All you have to do is be conscious of reality for it to work for you like you want, need or desire.


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.....'''neither a he or a she///'''''
that would be trans-gendering the very essence of Creativity say


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