What Bruno Groening can teach us?!

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Have you ever heard about this incredible man who has a power to heal.?!

His healing

The teachings of Bruno Groening

The teachings of Bruno Groening are based on the effect of the spiritual energies on humans.
Bruno Groening compares the human being to a battery. In everyday life we all consume energy, but often this vital energy is not recovered sufficiently. We all know that an old battery cannot function , the same thing is with tired body.It is not able to fulfill its tasks. Fatigue, nervousness, existential fears and diseases, are the consequences.
Bruno Groening tries to teach us that man is surrounded by healing waves everywhere and has no choice but to accept them. According to Bruno Groening there are no incurable diseases, and this is also confirmed by the true stories examined by doctors. Healings occur in spiritual way and are not connected to the person of Bruno Groening.
The aim of the teachings of Bruno Groening is that there is no a sick man and that every man should look forward to life, free from physical and spiritual burdens.

Who was Bruno Groening

In 1949 appeared for the first time the name of Bruno Groening in public. The press, radio and weekly news were reporting about him. For months the events about the "Miracle Doctor", as he was soon called, were the focus of newly established young Republic of Germany. About the case of Bruno Groening and his phenomenon,the committee made of top scientists, was investigating this fact.
He had a great gift, to recognize the love of God and to transmit it with its powerful aura to all the people who asked him for help.
Bruno Groening was an ordinary worker. He was born in Gdansk in 1906 and emigrated to West Germany after World War II, when. He was doing various jobs, he was a carpenter, a port and a factory worker and a postman. He suddenly appeared in the center of public attention. The news of his miraculous healings were spreading all over the world. From all over the world were arriving letters with requests for help .He died in Paris in 1906.


Bruno Groning had the gift of healing, receiving a Spiritual Healing Force (Heilstrom) through which he has healed and still continues to heal thousands and thousands of persons.
In order to receive Heilstrom you need to sit with your hands open up. Hands and feet don't have to be crossed so the Heilstrom cannot be interrupted. You don't have to think about the bad things or diseases , it is necessary to think about something nice because it really helps.
When Heilstrom is flowing through the body, it passes through your whole body and then comes out with it's healing action. In that case it may cause pain because it's healing your body. The important thing for you to understand is that diseases are not God's will, he wants all people to be healthy . Healing in some cases happens spontaneously. It is also necessary that the man in his mind is no longer obsessed with disease.
To stay healthy the Bruno Groening friends "pray" daily to receive the healing stream.

His famous words

Here are some of the famous things he said :

Have faith and believe in divine power. It will heal you
Our God is the greatest doctor
When I am no longer with you, as a human being, believe in yourself .Everyone by himself can experience the self healing
Everyone of you will be a doctor for himself
We always have to believe in good things, as we have to believe always in our health
There are no incurable diseases but people who still don't know how to open themselves Spiritually
The spirit dominates the body
For God nothing is impossible
Bruno Groening's friends

The Friends of Bruno Groening
The founder of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends is Grete Häusler (1922 to 2007). In 1950 she met Bruno Groening and she experienced healing from three incurable diseases.
After 1959 she noticed that healings continued to occur. In 1979 she founded the Circle of Friends, which has the task of preserving Bruno Groening's studies and helps people that are suffering and that are able and want to open themselves spiritually to a Heilstrom.
In all European countries and also outside Europe there are local communities. The members meet themselves three times a week


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