What Causes a Man and a Woman to Become Sterile

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Have you heard a man saying he is a sterile? Or a woman saying she could not beget a child without some valid reasons confirmed by trusted doctors? Some of scientific studies proved that those diseases and poor health will result to physical defects, physical debility, functional faults and contribute sterility.

Why we cannot have children

Nowadays, there are men and women blaming themselves and even challenged the Lord – asking Him “Why we cannot have children?” without realizing that He has provided them the most vital elements to produce offspring out from their blood and flesh.

English Dictionary defines Sterile as barren: not fertile, unable to have offspring; producing no fruit, seeds or crops.

Sterility due to physical debility

It was found that sterility due to physical debility can result from poor health as a consequence of certain acute or chronic diseases like inflammation of fallopian tubes, chronic anaemia, constipation and leucorrhoea.

The loss of essential gland or organs of reproduction or a decrease in their functions may also cause sterility. Obesity or emaciation – because of faulty metabolism is also found as a factor contributes infertility for men and women.

Venereal disease and other conditions

Venereal disease like Chlamydia causes a woman to become sterile. Ovarian cancer or cysts genetics and a history of eating disorders also cause sterility. Acidic secretions especially the lactic acid present in the female organ kills all the living sperms when the semen is discharged as sperms cannot live in acid.

Sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis and other forms of STDs also contribute infertility for men and women.

Excessive masturbation

Some experts also found that excessive masturbation can cause a man and a woman to become sterile. Masturbation is a healthy exercise and it is normal. Some doctors considered it as a natural way to help lower the risks of prostate cancer. However, it needs not to be abused.

There are also some surveys showing that some couples could not have children – not because they are sterile but they have chosen it. Others are afraid of the responsibilities to shoulder as parents.

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author avatar Carol
13th Jul 2011 (#)

Wise words. So it seems if you want children, you must take care of your health. Thankyou

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author avatar ppruel
14th Jul 2011 (#)

Generally yes Ms. Carol though not only because we want children - it is our obligation to enjoy a healthy life. As usual thank you for your support.

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author avatar Buzz
14th Jul 2011 (#)

That was a useful and informative article, kabayan. Congrats for the star page again.

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author avatar ppruel
14th Jul 2011 (#)

Welcome kabayan Buzz and thank you too for your precious time. See you again.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
14th Jul 2011 (#)

Thank you Ppruel, for an excellent read my friend. Actually it is a very sad situation:-(

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author avatar ppruel
13th Aug 2011 (#)

You're welcome dude Tranquilpen - got you point. Thank you for dropping by and your precious time. Much appreciated.

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author avatar Phoenix Montoya
20th Aug 2011 (#)

Excellent writing. I've heard this topic so many times but coming from you? It has become very originally yours. Congratulations on your star kabayan.

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author avatar ppruel
20th Aug 2011 (#)

Welcome Phoenix - Yes. I also sent off this article to Triond and was published. I also shared this to all my blogsites including other social networks.

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author avatar Retired
26th Aug 2011 (#)

Mastrubation certainly doesnot contribute to sterility, it is as good as having sex excessively and getting all the associated diseases along with it including AIDS.

Most of the people who actually have problems conceiving kids have to admit that they may have had excessive abortions, blood conditions - well there are medications that can take care of that. Poly-cystic ovaries, smoking, drinking, drugs etc. can all lead to sterility.
On the whole the best way to have a kid is to not think about having a kid and it will just happen as stress causing changes that can affect conception.

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