What Is Eating Disorder? What Are The Causes Of Eating Disorder And How To Cure This?

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Eating disorder is condition in which person either over eat food or consume insufficient food. Eating disorder causes due to several complicated Physical, psychological and social factors. Person’s life style is affected adversely by eating disorder problem

Types of eating disorders:

There are three types of eating disorders.
1. Anorexia nervosa
2. Bulimia nervosa
3. Binge eating disorder
Many other odd types of eating disorder also exist. They are similar to above mentioned disorders.
Some characteristics are varying in such type of odd eating disorders.

Causes and treatment of eating disorder.

Anorexia nervosa patient has obsessive fear of weight gain. They consume very less quantity of food.
T he consistent habit of insufficient food intake reduces weight and nutritional balance of person dangerously. The patient of anorexia nervosa has low esteem and very poor body image. Despite
Very thin body and underweight, patient tries to reduce weight by exercising and fasting.
Generally these types of disorder are seen in adolescence or young people. Thin bones, dry skin and anemic condition of patient is visible.

Bulimia nervosa patient is over eating type. He became fat like football due to excessive food consuming. Patient has no control over his hunger and over eating. He eats food several times and every time he eats large amount of food. Over eating and overweight makes him shy and guilty. The patient is also unhappy with his body figure. Large tummy and over sized buttocks embarrass them.

Binge eating disorder patients are over eaters. Binge eating disorder characterized by excessive eating
Followed by vomiting and over use of laxatives .Patients of Binge disorder are usually over weighted, distressful and with tons of guilt.

Patients illness either physical or psychological type usually associated with eating disorder.
Depression and personality disorder is usually present in eating disorder patients. Eating disorder aggravates depression and depression, in turn also aggravates eating disorder type.
Many factors cause such type of condition. Some person are genetically programmed to prone to Eating disorder.Neuroendocrine system is associated with human’s eating habit and digesting system.
Micro imbalance in neuroendocrine system can trigger eating disorder.
Treatment of eating disorder has limitation.
Antidepressants and anti psychotic medicines are useful in Controlling and improving condition of patient. Behavioral therapy is significantly helpful in curing patient. Group therapy, proper family care and cognitive behavioral therapy are useful in Treatment of all type of eating disorders.


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author avatar Jerry Walch
16th Sep 2010 (#)

Good information. My wife is an over eater.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
16th Sep 2010 (#)

Eating disorders are very serious, people need to be aware of problems in friends and family. It always puzzles me how when people are fat.. their friends/family encourage them to get fatter by going to unhealthy places with them.. or when they are too fat to get out of bed.. they feed them.

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author avatar dak
17th Sep 2010 (#)

Useful info. Thanks for sharing.

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