What Is The Big Deal With Garcinia Cambogia?

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What's going on with the dietary supplement Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean extract, and how it is profoundly affecting my life

Straight From The Guinea Pigs Mouth!

Everybody is talking about this new dietary supplement Garcinia Cambogia and about how all these overweight superstars are getting pure skinny! So I wanted in on the game! I recently gained some unwanted weight due to the side effect of a medication and IT ALL WENT STRAIGHT TO BELLY FAT! So of course this product seemed to be my miracle cure because the exercise option went obsolete when the Arthritis came to stay. So they tout it as the No Exercise/Eat What You Want Diet! I had to check this out first I saw ads for the product on the internet and the prices were outrageous! But I went back and watched the Dr. Oz debut of Garcinia Cambogia video over again. They pretty much said you would lose weight because the rind from the pumpkin shape fruit produced a reaction in the body where instead of storing fat in the body it made the body use the food right away for energy. No storing the energy in more fat no we are talking food, digestion, energy! On that program he was joined by a female doctor who helped explain this (much better than I can) and what she said made me stop in my tracks. She said that this particular supplement had science to back it up and she said she personally liked it because it was one of the cheapest supplements out there! So I didn't fall for the price gougers, I went to Wal-Mart and they have a supplement section near the Pharmacy and I picked up the cheapest one. (That had the recommendations of this extract in it, that the science had proven to work)

So one month ago I started using it. No nervousness, no interaction with my depression medication, NOTHING no new feelings at all. But I said I'm going to do this for a month. The first week I lost 4 pounds and have gained back 1pound. Even though the weight loss isn't coming like it promised, my body has changed and for the better.

Add two more

Further information Followed, but at first I didn't pay attention so I had to go back to the Dr. Oz video and really pay attention! You needed to use a colon cleanse with it. We are not talking the kind of colon cleanse that you take when you have a Colonoscopy . They have regular colon cleanses there in the supplement section. I got one made with Acai berries. Okay, then I watch a little more of Dr.Oz, he RECOMMENDS that you also take Green Coffee Bean Extract with the Garcinia Cambogia and the Colon Cleanse. I make less than $800,00 a month but this still can be squeezed into my budget. So by the second week I am taking all 3 suggested products. I'm waiting but I see no more weight loss.

But don't stop reading! Because what did happen is amazing and will lead to weight loss! I'm not hungry! I mean I eat now because your supposed to eat! But those late night cravings and hunger for chocolate have only bothered me 3 times in the last 4 weeks! That overeating I did because I felt ravenously hungry? Gone! and one other thing happened that is really the best thing of all! I feel calm and serene. The fact that I'm not losing weight right away like I wanted to, well it just doesn't bother the diet junkie in me!

Natural Serotonin

That's something else that I didn't pay attention to on the video (wait maybe there is more than one video?). There is Natural Serotonin in the Garcinia Cambogia! Natural, as in God knew we might need serotonin and he supplied it right here on Earth in Natural form. Now I'm on an antidepressant and that antidepressant causes Serotonin levels to rise in you brain and you get a sense of well being. WELL YOUR SUPPOSED TO FEEL BETTER! but not until I took the Combination of the Garcinia Cambogia, The Acai Berry Colon Cleanse, and the Green Coffee Bean Extract did I really experience this kind of "well being"!

I want to share that I am on medication for Major Depressive Disorder and that medication AND the Trio might be what's helping me feel so good, I don't know but my whole personality has blossomed. I am more of a go-getter, more motivated, more outgoing and have just really blossomed into this whole other person. My relationship with God is even better. Because now I'm thanking him for things instead of just asking. I have always felt so ashamed that I was a sinner it blocked me from really having a One on One Relationship with God. I felt ashamed that God gave his Son to die for my sins and I didn't quit sinning so how could I face a Loving God like that knowing I kept on sinning? But my eyes, heart, and soul Have been affected. I still sin, I know I'm going to sin, BUT I finally got it! He gave His Son more than 2000 years ago to move that shame out of the way so He could still have this ONE on ONE, Relationship with Me. Now that was an epiphany!

One Good Thing

This Trio of supplements didn't give me all the things I'm talking about, but it allowed my mind to clear so that all those things could happen within me! It has been an eye opening experience. But this just might be an interaction with my medication and not be what the Trio can do for anybody else. I don't know. You don't know! Hopefully a scientist will really study what's going on and give us some answers.

The Last thing I heard about when a person would really see results is in three months. It has only been a month for me. Maybe the weight loss will come, also. But I'm good where I'm at. Of course now I can't wear my old skinny jeans and I'm going to HAVE to save up and buy some clothes that fit since the medication made me gain weight But if you want my advice I would take it. I'm going to keep on taking it even if I don't lose weight.

A Quick Little Story

I struggled with infertility for 15 years. We tried everything the doctors threw at us, We did it all except have a test tube baby. But then one day there was this article in a magazine talking about infertility and it said there was an "old wives tale" that if you took a lot of Vitamin E that it would help you have a baby. I had miscarried 3 times trying to have a baby and some old wife was saying to take high doses of Vitamin E and you would get pregnant? But the last thing the article said was simply this "If you have tried everything else and couldn't have a baby, here might be a cure in a six dollar bottle of Vitamin E". I started taking vitamin E that very day and I worked up to taking 1,000 I.U. each day and within 5 months I was pregnant and nine months later (with some bed rest thrown in) I had a perfect little girl. So sometimes the little bit of money you spend to try something new can work miracles! But I also tried herbs and they didn't work. But I took the chance spent a little money on Vitamin E (still take it) and I had my girl.

What I'm saying, is this Trio worked for me. Just me. It hasn't made me drop all the pounds and I'm not model thin anymore. But I'm content. I don't crave food so much that it makes my mind tell me to eat and eat and eat. That's all gone. I am Motivated, I feel a sense of well being, and even opened my mind up enough that I could grasp a relationship with God. Today I made a proposal about a six month gig for writing for a newspaper to get more Freelance experience. I was able to package all my good traits and put my Freelance Writing skills into the newspaper printing venue.

One last thing about the Gacinia Cambogia. On the side of the box that the bottle of pills came in, it did say "Use In Conjunction With Diet And Exercise"


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That's awesome, congrats :)

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Thanks I had to edit it for some errors I caught after I published it and it's under review again. But mainly just for typos and too much formatting.

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