What a Cosmetic Dentist in Austin Can Do For You

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Article about What a Cosmetic Dentist in Austin Can Do For You

What a Cosmetic Dentist in Austin Can Do For You

Sometimes standard dentistry is not what you need. Sometimes you need cosmetic dentistry, which is slightly different than regular services you would get from a dentist. A cosmetic dentist in Austin can help you with your aesthetic needs if you are from the area.

Cosmetic dentistry covers several areas. One of these is teeth whitening. A smile can lose its dazzling whiteness in several ways, but a whitening procedure can fix this. Teeth can be restored to its former bright white shine, even exceeding previous whiteness.

Another procedure is porcelain veneers. These veneers are fitted over the existing teeth or around any visible places when you smile, giving that bright white smile so you can show off your teeth without embarrassment.

Straightening is a cosmetic procedure that helps straighten crooked teeth. This can be done either through braces and something that is relatively newer, which is invisible braces. These are more expensive than traditional braces but are less noticeable. There is also a new procedure called instant orthodontics. This also involves the use of porcelain veneers that fits over the existing teeth to give the appearance of a straight as well as white smile.

Fillings can also improve a smile. They are white fillings that are tooth colored. These can also prevent damage and do much better than metal fillings. They are not sensitive to heat, which also prevents damage to teeth since they do not expand and contract as metal fillings may do.

Crowns can also help the cosmetic appearance of teeth. These crowns or caps as they are also known, covers the tooth surface. This provides restoration of shape and size. Crowns also provide protection of tooth structure and prevents further damage.

Dental implants are also an option if you have a missing tooth or teeth. This is essentially a prosthetic tooth that is wired into the jaw. It is said that no one but you and the dentist who put it in will know that it is not your natural tooth. This is an alternative to partial dentures and bridges.

Now you know several services that cosmetic dentistry can provide for you. Whether it is crooked teeth, missing teeth, gaps, broken teeth, a faded smile, or any number of other cosmetic issues, they can be fixed or covered up efficiently. Thanks to new studies in technology, the advancements are staggering and there are more options for patients today than there were years ago.

Having dental work done can be expensive and having cosmetic procedures done can be even more expensive. However, the benefits are very positive, especially to the self-esteem of the patient. Having a straight and white smile can restore confidence not only among others, but for the self as well.

Residents who have cosmetic problems with their smile are encouraged to research online or talk with a trusted friend about the best cosmetic dentist in Austin to go to. Many have free consultations about the services they offer as well as the process that is involved with each. Fear no more, you can get your smile back!


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