What about the Adult Cyberstalker? All Cruelty Springs from Weakness...

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An adult cyberstalker is a sad soul. Teens and child bullies can suffer from this negative affliction. Yet, why would an adult take part in this cruel activity? How should victims view them? What psychological weakness spurs them on? This article will shed some light on the topic of adults who cyberstalk.

Examples of Adults who could become Cyberstalkers

Adult bullies and cyberstalkers are easier to spot. The following people or personality types could have become, or may possibly be cyberstalking right now:

1. Hitler the socio-path bully

2. Racists who bully or cyberstalk

3. Bullying bosses

4. Parents who abuse their children

5. Gangs who bully on-line or off

6. Religious cult leaders

7. Religious leaders who bully members into submission

Adults who cyberstalk and bully others, use demoralization and abuse to hurt and empower themselves. Surely, exposing them in their true light helps the victim. Why should victims run to seek help? Why should adults cyberstalk and endanger lives, crushing the spirits of innocent folk? Why was a mentally ill man like Hitler, allowed to bully and kill so many without restraint? Adults who cyberstalk are no better than this professional killer and murderer. Murder of the spirit is a serious matter. We know that teens, children and adults can become clinically depressed as a result of being bullied on-line. This should not be so! Adults who cyberstalk must be exposed. Their victims need the unwavering support of family and friends. For more information about why adults cyberstalk and obsess over hurting people, go here:

All Cruelty Springs from Weakness

Adults who cyberstalk are bound by cruelty and psychological weakness. Victims must know this. Victims need to be empowered by truth. The victims of those who cyberstalk deserve to see a true analysis of their abusers. Why should victims scamper about seeking help continually? A clearer understanding of cyberstalkers as criminals, and mentally disturbed is in order. A Roman philosopher named Seneca once said this: " all cruelty springs from weakness". How right he was! Cyberstalkers are cruel and feel better when they can debase others. The adult who becomes a cyberstalker never got over abuse suffered as a child. They lack appropriate passion for people. They don't care who they hurt. All cruelty stems from weakness!
For more info are getting rid of adults who cyberstalk, please go here:

Seneca, the Roman was Absolutely Right...

Adults who cyberstalk are cruel and weak individuals. Why won't they come out into the light? Why can't they face anyone? Those who cyberstalk are weak in character. Adult Cyberstalkers are weak and suffer from arrested development. They are unable to handle their history of abuse. They are unable to seek out the psychological help they need. Seneca, the Roman, was absolutely right! Adult cyberstalkers lack empathy and compassion. They don't and can't care when others are hurt. All cruelty springs from weakness. Those who cyberstalk are weak, afraid, have low self-esteem and target victims for sport. Their scathing jealousy of those who are admired is wicked and cruel. It's unfortunate that an adult would take up cyberstalking. It's just as unfortunate, that victims are flooded with information on counseling to help themselves. Victims need to know all the details of a cyberstalkers profile. Cyberstalkers need mental health counseling and should be referred to such immediately.
For more information on abusive personality disorders, go here:

What can you do for your Friends who are Victims of Cyberstalking?

Those who cyberstalk take great pleasure in breaking up friendships. Those who cyberstalk will lie about folks and focus on turning people against each other. At times their lies can sound feasible. A true friend will stick by victims! A true friend will remain faithful. Cyberstalkers love to defame names and are slick. Their lies are often believable. Yet, victims need the strong support of family, friends and co-workers. Cyberstalkers must know that love conquers cyberstalker hatred. If you or anyone you know is being victimized by cyberbullies, support them! Stay in their corner, rally about them. Abuse in any form is un- acceptable period!
From words of sacred scripture we know love concurs all...
John 8:35, let us all be know for the love we have for our friends. True love not only applauds it gives consequences. How can a cyberstalker redeem themselves, if they are not confronted and exposed? The longer abusive people are let off the hook, the longer it will take for their own deliverance.
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author avatar Retired
5th Aug 2011 (#)

Very informative...what about those who are cruel and abusive and insist that you are the who is wrong, cruel and abusive? Thanks for sharing...

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
5th Aug 2011 (#)

You do have to wonder.

Perhaps you have said so already, but is this more common in men, or women?

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author avatar Set Free
6th Aug 2011 (#)

That's a good question for me Mark. I'm going to work on an article about the current research. Thanks for a good idea!

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author avatar satan fury
6th Aug 2011 (#)

A very strong write. You mentioned some very good points and good examples as well.

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author avatar aimera
6th Aug 2011 (#)

Informative and empowering. I've been abused in the office. Your writing has helped. Thank you

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author avatar Songbird B
6th Aug 2011 (#)

A powerful article, but as always, insightful...

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author avatar Songbird B
6th Aug 2011 (#)

A powerful article, but as always, insightful...

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author avatar Carol Kinsman
6th Aug 2011 (#)

You have to wonder about the torment these people carry within themselves. Lots of insight here. Thank you, Marlene.

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author avatar Phoenix Montoya
7th Aug 2011 (#)

Another well written article, Marlene. Well done as always.

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