What are Essential Oils?

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What are Essential Oils? How do Essential Oils work? What can you use Essential Oils for? What are the benefits of using Essential Oils. Read more to learn more about Essential Oils and health.

What are Essential Oils?

Although often thought of as new age healing, essential oils have been around for a long time. Because they are natural the pharmaceutical companies do not make money off of them and would have you thinking that they are not going to help.

Essential Oils are highly concentrated, naturally obtained oils, that are used in the smallest amount for the biggest benefits. They come from plants. The word "essential" does not refer to a need or requirement, but rather to the "essence" of the plant from which they come. Some are used only topically (applied to the skin) others are for aromatherapy (used in diffusers) and others can be ingested.

Due to their strength it is important that they are only used as directed. Some are toxic if consumed, others burn the skin if applied to the skin. Most topical uses are used when combined with water to dilute the oil, and often times only a drop or two of the oil is required.

What Do Essential Oils Do?

Bergamot, as aroma therapy for calming, or to control appetite, or internally for appetite control.
Cinnamon, add to the bath to increase energy levels.
Cypress, aromatherapy to reduce stress, or massage into the arms and legs for circulation.
Eucalyptus, aromatherapy for respiratory conditions.
Frankincense, rub into the bottom of feet to reduce tension.
Lavender, used as aromatherapy to improve mood, or at night to improve sleeping, often used to calm children at the end of the day and to help them sleep. Can be rubbed on the temples to reduce a headache.
Lemon, aromatherapy to improve energy or improve metabolism.
Lemongrass, used topically to clean and tone the skin, add to water and spritz onto pets to repel fleas and ticks.
Peppermint, internal use helps digestion and reduces stress, aromatherapy to heighten the mind. Mix with baking soda to use as an air freshener.
Sandalwood, in a bath to reduce stress, topical use reduces acne.
Tea Tree, massaged onto the chest to help respiratory problems, or used on the skin to reduce acne.
Ylang Ylang, massaged on the back to reduce stress.

Of course there are many others, these are the most popular Essential Oils, and some companies offer blends of different oils to be used for different purposes, mostly relaxation, or to aid with diet concerns, or helping people (and children) to sleep better.


Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years. There have been claims that they are beneficial against cancer but such claims are not allowed to be stated on the products, and as such are not listed here either, however older texts may still have the claims of certain oils for certain specific health concerns.

Essential oils are not "cheap" however it must be remembered that these are very concentrated products and only a drop or two is used most times.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
16th Jun 2015 (#)

I think there are many positive benefits from using essential oils. Thanks for telling us the uses of the most common essential oils.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
22nd Jun 2015 (#)

I've been using essential oils for many years. They are very beneficial and I would recommend them to anyone. I have a lot of favorites that I use all the time. Frankincense is awesome but it is very expensive. I only buy it when I have extra money. I have two places that I buy my essential oils from and they are very trustworthy companies.

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