What causes Mental Health?

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Mental disorder is a psychological or behavior pattern that brings distress and disability.

What causes Mental Health?

Mental disorder is a psychological or behavior pattern that brings distress and disability. Some mental disorders are anxiety, phobia, panic and mood and others. These disorders causes you to be more sensitive to the type of anxiety a normal person have. Some of these disorders can be fatal. Several factors may cause mental disorder in a given situation. These factors are:

Hereditary Factor
In some degree, mental disorder can be inherited from parents who have history of mental illness. Researchers have gathers evidence to support the theory that mental disorder can be inherited through the genes of one or both parents.

Environmental Factor
The environment might be the cause of mental disorder. The family is the most influential factor for mental disorder- for example, the way your parents teach you how to cope with problems or how you can express your emotions. A conservative family tends to developmental disorder. The emotions and social life of their children are suppressed. A family with an open communication, on the other had will have a well balance mental health. Other factors in the environment that will affect mental health are noise, pollution, uncomfortable temperature, and inadequate sleep. These factors may affect your performance in school or at the place of work.

Brain Factor
The brain is the computer of the body that controls physical and mental functions. Anything that affects the brain can influence a person’s mental status. For example, brain tumors, injuries, strokes, or syphilis can affect brain function. The condition that affects brain is called physical illness. A lack of oxygen in the brain can destroy the brain cells which cannot be repaired. Cigarette smoking, alcohol, and drugs affect brain function. Prolong use of these substances may destroy mental health, causing mental disorder.

People who would like to sustain a healthy personality seek professional help for them to overcome their emotional problems. The recognition of an emotional problem shows a person is willing to do something to cope with the emotional problems affecting his mental health.

Positive behavior is desirable in order to eliminate negative thoughts and feeling. Negative feeling and actions are poisonous to human well-being. Attitude and feeling can consciously cause changes in behavior. Keeping hostilities, resentments, and an attitude of revenge will have a harmful effect on mental health.

People with mental health know how to learn to relax. It can contribute to a state of happiness and well-being. Engaging oneself in physical exercise can release tension and anxieties. It is also good for the heart, blood circulation, and oxygen consumption.

Establish contact with nature. The theory behind the positive value of being in contact with nature is that our nervous system and genetic structure are turned into a natural environment such as that relaxation occurs when you are in contact with nature.


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