What has Yoga got to do with religion?

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There is a general misconception that Yoga is a way to spread Hinduism, rather force it down the gullet.

It has nothing to do with religon

It consists of series of exercises meant to kept people active and healthy. There are only two reasons it can be said to have links with Hinduism. One is that it is developed by Hindu sages. But that is not their fault. Hinduism was the only religion present in this part of the world at that point of time. They were born Hindus, and believed in it till they died as many of us will even today. They did not get to weigh the religions, to decide which of them is better, if that is the way the argument is to be presented.

Second reason is the names of some "asanas" are based on Hindu gods. I bet those sages cleverly included that so that people would consider the exercises as holy and be inclined to get up and do some of them. But beyond that no Hindu god is looking up from skies and grinning, well, you are paying your obeisance, so I as your god will look after you.

These exercises have scientific study of human body in them

Ah but Kamasutra is not objectionable, right? However, Yoga is. Funny. Kamasutra is also based on the name of a Hindu god.

Yoga is about ensuring proper blood circulation and movement of muscles and nerves internally. Yoga brings peace, yes. But that is because mind gets its full share of oxygen and energy, and it does not have to bother with other parts of the body that were giving problems. Effectively, it can concentrate on job on hands without other clutter disturbing it. Decisions will be better.

Did you notice that when you have a headache or constipation, you tend to be irritable?

You don't want religious names there?

Ok. No issues. Instead of calling it "suryanamaskar" call it "allahsalam" or "Buddhasharanam" or "Touchchrist". Whatever.

If you don't have any issues in going to a physician of another religion, or even an enemy nation, why this aversion towards exercises that will keep the hospital bills down?

We do not have enough medical facilities

If we had enough, including the staff, our healthcare expenses would be lower. As things stand, healthcare is becoming expensive day by day.

Yoga has not side effects

This is a major advantage of this form of exercise. Unlike allopathic medications or any other oral medication, yoga lets people cure their problems without medications.

So will International Yoga Day help

It will at least create awareness about it.

If at all anybody should be having objections to Yoga, it should be drug manufacturers, and physicians.

You are at peace, I am at peace, think about how nice the world will be.


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author avatar Retired
21st Jun 2015 (#)

Yoga originated in India, may be, that's the reason why many link it to Hinduism.

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author avatar LivelyAurora
22nd Jun 2015 (#)

I actually never knew that people link Yoga to Hinduism. It does seem like an relaxing exercise, just never had the chance to do it because of my lazy self. Any who, I don't exactly believe that when you are doing something that is supposed to relieve you, it shouldn't be just to support a religion. Having your blood, nerves, and movement of muscles working shouldn't be linked to religion. That is like lifting up weights to support a religion!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
22nd Jun 2015 (#)

Only narrow minded people link everything to religion. I have studied in Christian and Muslim institutions, lived in a Muslim country, and can recite few prayers of most religions.

Our Creator is one and the same; by whatever name we call Him, He will recall us without fail! Be a good human being and that is more than enough! It is time to step out and smell the healthy outside air!

Thanks Vandana for this highlight - siva

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author avatar snerfu
23rd Jun 2015 (#)

Yes, kamasutra makes everyone prick up their ears. We see that in this yoga we escape wearing clothes. Or perhaps the escape is really from blind beliefs?
To conquer desire is a lesson one learns as one grows older. That is primary to all forms of good health.
Nice article again Vandana...made me think again!

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