What have you got to lose? Just go for it!

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This article is designed to inspire people to take chances and live their life and let go of their fears.

Let go of the fear that is holding you back.

When you feel hesitation, you have a limiting fear holding you back from your life. It’s normal to feel some fear and hesitation, but as you get better and better at learning to be human, you will encounter less fear and hesitation. This comes with learning to have faith. Faith in yourself, faith in your intuition, faith in the Universe and faith in whatever God(s) you believe in. Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear is the ego’s survival tool. Every thing that has ever held you back from doing something you’ve thought about doing, but didn’t do, is a result of fear. That fear, and every other little fear you’ve ever had, can most likely be traced back to one universal fear that pops up in all different areas of your life.

Think about all the excuses for why you didn’t do something you’ve always dreamed of. List all of your excuses down, every one of them. Now study them. What do they all have in common? There is a universal fear that is limiting your potential, can you identify it?

I did this exercise a couple weeks ago. I listed out my limiting beliefs, the fears I’ve had that have kept me from even trying to accomplish my dreams. I’m afraid of failing. I’m afraid I’m not good enough. I’m afraid I’m not smart enough. My universal fear was a fear of trying anything because I had a deep down fear of failure. But so what? That’s the worst that could happen? I could try something and fail. And then what? I’ll have (hopefully) learned something from it and use that knowledge towards trying something else or trying the same thing again, but with greater knowledge and understanding, thus increasing my chances of success.

We all know this kind of stuff intellectually, but we don’t really always know and understand it subconsciously. I know on an intellectual level that the only way to succeed is to try; you can’t succeed without trying. But when you have a subconscious fear of failing, your mind can set up limiting beliefs that will grant you excuses of why you don’t even need to try. It’s like your subconscious is trying to protect your ego from being damaged or hurt as a result of trying and failing, so you miss out on it all together. Where’s the fun in that?

So how do you get over it? I decided to face one of my greatest fears in the hopes that it would spill over and inspire other areas of my life. I always wanted to try skydiving ever since I was 13 years old and watched the cast of MTV’s road rules take the plunge. It looked so freeing both mentally and physically. I had made a pact with myself over the Winter to go sky diving during the Summer of 2011. I soon realized Summer was more than half way over and decided we should go take a ride up to Blue Sky Ranch in Gardiner, NY.

My husband John drove us over to the Ranch, he used to sky drive and had done over 20 jumps. If he could do it, I could too. I just wanted to go and watch that day, but before I knew it I was signed up to sky dive the following week. I was pretty nervous signing up, thinking “Wow, I’m actually going to do this. This is crazy. I’m going to jump out of a plane”. The biggest fear that anyone can have about sky diving is the obvious, something goes wrong and you die. So in order to really enjoy this, I knew I needed to let go of this fear. So I did something I had never done before. I let go and had faith that whatever was supposed to happen would happen and that I was meant to do this.

The day of the jump arrived and, surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous at all. I figured nerves would kick in at some point. “Maybe when we were gearing up and going over the instruction” I thought. Nope. “Probably on the plane ride up, I hear that’s the worst part”. Nope, it didn’t even phase me that you ride up with the door open! “Okay”, I thought “probably when it’s time to get up and walk over to the opening, then I’ll feel it”. Nope! We jumped out and I felt the exciting flutter you get when you ride a great roller coaster. I felt the adrenaline rush and utter amazement at what I had just done, but I had faith that everything would go as planned and that this was going to be a blast. And so it was.

My hope in doing something like that was this. When encountering stressful situations in my business and when facing the risks that I will have to take to better my life, I will remember the experience and think “Psh! I can handle this! I jumped out of a plane before, this is nothing.”

Even after jumping out of a plane, I still sometimes get held back by limiting beliefs and an underlying fear of failure and I just try to remember and answer the questions that usually arise when we have a fear of something. “What’s the worst that could happen? And then what?” and the answer is usually never as bad as what’s involved when you ask that same question regarding skydiving! And if I got over those questions regarding skydiving, I can get over those questions regarding anything else I want to do in life.

As a fellow student in life, I’d like to know what tricks do you know that are helpful in getting over your fears?


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author avatar Vernazoa
27th Sep 2011 (#)

Just recently I told a friend I was afraid of failing. I discovered that everyone is a success story. We all cope with our level of energy and intelligence and upbringing,to reach the time of death. To live is a struggle and sometimes a pleasure. I hope everyone reaches a time of happiness

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
1st Nov 2011 (#)

Hi Author of the day, Annie Amen!


I appreciate your guts in encountering such a challenging skydive!

And I admire your determination when you said, "I can get over those questions regarding anything else I want to do in life".

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