What is Arthritis ?

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Arthritis is an inflammatory disease of a joint. With arthritis, you will feel pain in the joints, especially when walking. Sometimes the skin, located on aching joints, begins to redden and there is a fever.

Know About Arthritis -

If one joint is inflamed, the disease is called monoartritis, and if the process involves several joints, then - polyarthritis. If you do not treat the disease, they will be amazed at all the articular tissues: the cartilage, and its shell. The disease can occur suddenly, in this case, doctors say an acute arthritis, and evolve over time, progressing slowly (chronic arthritis).

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Referring to the statistics, the risk group includes every person who turned 65 years abroad. Among seniors, the number of people suffering from this disease is approximately 60%. Doctors say that this figure can be increased if each patient their complaints against them, rather than trying to treat the disease alone. But do not think that arthritis - a disease exclusively senile. It can affect people at a younger age, and even children. It all depends on the causes of pathological changes in the joints.

It is estimated that around the world millions of people suffer from the symptoms of arthritis, and according to recent research, this number is increasing year by year. Some experts say that with certain symptoms of the disease face every third inhabitant of the planet.

Symptoms of arthritis of various types are more or less similar. Symptoms of arthritis are pain in the inflamed area, redness, heat tissue of joint inflammation, stiffness and difficulty in movement, etc. Outside of these symptoms, you may have to face other kinds, such as fatigue, weight loss, swollen glands, fever. In some cases, patients may experience extreme difficulty in walking.

Men and women are equally affected by the disease. Although it is common among adults, in some cases, young people are also susceptible to the disease arthritis. The statistical report shows that more than 1.3 million Americans suffer from this disease, and many of them - were women.

Various anti-inflammatory drugs are used to reduce inflammation and pain. Best of all, the treatment, combined pharmaceuticals and medical gymnastics. To reduce the pain, swelling and inflammation may therapeutic massage. According to statistics, arthritis reduces the life of about 10 years, but do not die on the line. Today, unfortunately, no drugs that might cure rheumatoid arthritis.


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Yes, it is popular in old people. Great stuff. Thank you.

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Feel Very painful on seeing people suffering with arthritis.why shd anyone suffer at all and why shd one turn old after all...

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Interesting and informative article. Thanks for this post.

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