What is Bruxism? - A Teeth Grinding Condition

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Bruxism is a condition that refers to grinding of teeth while sleeping. Teeth grinding is harmful to teeth and can lead to other dental complications.

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism refers to teeth grinding. People grind their teeth occasionally due to various reasons in their sleep. When teeth grinding occurs frequently it is referred to as bruxism. Bruxism can damage teeth and can lead to other dental problems.

Teeth grinding occurs during sleep. Some people may grind their teeth even during the day.

Teeth grinding can be due to the following reasons -

** stress, tension or anxiety

** an abnormal alignment of upper and lower teeth

** sleep disorders

** due to pain from teething in children

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Complications due to teeth grinding

Grinding teeth can lead to severe jaw pain or headaches. Constant teeth grinding can lead to fracturing of teeth, loose teeth or loss of teeth. Teeth grinding can also result in the teeth being worn out to small stumps and make biting and chewing difficult.

In extreme cases teeth grinding can affect jaws or result in hearing loss.

How to prevent teeth grinding?

Do not chew gum. Gum increases the tendency to bite and clench even more.

Do not have alcoholic drinks. Alcohol results in the increase in the intensity of teeth grinding.

Avoid food and drinks with caffeine like colas, chocolates and coffee.

Learn to relax. Yoga and meditation helps to take away the stress and relax.

Before going to bed massage your jaws gently to help your jaw muscles relax.

What to do once you know that you are grinding your teeth?

Once you come to know that you have the habit of grinding your teeth visit your dentist. Your dentist will most probably give you a mouth guard customized to your jaw size. Once you get your mouth guard remember to put it on every night before going to bed.

Always brush your teeth before putting on your mouth guard to prevent dental cavities.


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Oh my!! Remember to wear your mouth guard daily and go on enjoying yourself. Remember to replace the mouth guard if it wear off.

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hi!! I have seen some grinding their teeth during sleep but I did not know it is stress related. Thanks 4 the info.

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Geeta Rao stress can cause teeth grinding that can wear away your teeth.

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