What is Nilgiri Tea? How to Make This Tea?

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Nilgiri tea is a type of black tea. This tea is grown in the Nilgiri hills which are a mountain range in thehighlands of Tamil Nadu.

What is Nilgiri Tea? How to Make This Tea?

Nilgiri black tea is also widely grown in Kerala, a south western state of India. The intensive taste, unique fragrance and flavoursome drink rendered by Nilgiri black tea has made it extremely popular not only in the Indian subcontinent but also across the globe. There are various classifications of this tea; these are segregated by different sorting methods. Following is a list of some varieties of Nilgiri tea based on the way in which they are picked and sorted.

What are the types of Nilgiri tea?

The finest of all varieties is the hand sorted Orange Pekoe grade; it is widely known as the most expensive because of it’s full-leaved foliage.

Next popular variety is the Broken Orange Pekoe grade. This grade comes with a semi-full foliage and in most tea factories, these are machine sorted. It is a misconception that machine sorted leaves are of an inferior grade. Rather these are highly affordable besides being equally flavoursome and fragrant as the hand sorted Orange Pekoe grade.

A majority of Nilgiri tea production is done by the traditional ‘crush-tear-curl’technique. After production, these are carefully packaged in fragrance control packs and exported to all other Indian states as well as overseas. Buyers across the globe invest in their pack of a flavour some Nilgiri tea variety but some of them, leaving out a few, fail to prepare it the right way.

How to prepare Nilgiri tea?

Preparing a perfect cup of Nilgiri tea is no rocket science. It is rather as simple as brewing any other cup of tea.

Start out by using pure water because tap water has a chemical taste that might spoil the original flavour of the tea; set a cup of pure water to boil in a teapot. In this boiling water, add up a whole teaspoon of the Nilgiri black tea leaves and turn off the flame. Let the leaves soak in the hot water for three to six minutes. Now with a strainer, pour out the tea into a cup. Add milk if preferred and enjoy this steaming hot cup of tea!

Nilgiri tea can also be served as a delicious iced tea. The tea is brewed in boiling water; only more leaves need to be added. This broth needs to be cooled and refrigerated; the refrigerated solution of cool tea must be served with ice cubes in a pitcher with a slice of lemon.

In short, Nilgiri tea is a special black tea variety grown in the hills of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is segregated into two major varieties because of the sorting methods employed namely the Orange Pekoe and the Broken Orange Pekoe. Both are equally flavoursome and can be easily brewed into a delicious drink.

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