What is Rheumatism ?

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Rheumatic fever or Rheumatism is a systemic disease of the connective tissue and joints. The disease affects heart, bones,muscles, lungs ,skin that can cause severe problems to the patient.Here is the Introduction about the Disease so that you can know more about this .

What is Rheumatic Fever ?

Rheumatic fever - is a systemic disease of the connective tissue and joints.
The word is translated from the Greek "expiration" , which shows a gradual process spread throughout the body. The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates believed that the cause of rheumatic fever is a special liquid that is produced in the brain and spreading throughout the body, causing inflammation of the joints. But with similar symptoms, there are many diseases, such as gout or very common in the Middle Ages, secondary syphilis . So many years , the wrong diagnosis and bad prescribed treatment often caused problems.

A breakthrough in the treatment of rheumatism occurred many years later ( in the 19th century), when a French physician Jean Baptiste Buyo and professor at Moscow University Grigory Sokolsky independently done the studies and they were able to identified the disease from the group of other diseases with similar symptoms.

In addition, they found that the rheumatic disease is manifested not only arthritis, but also lesions of other parts of the body such as heart muscle.

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