What to Eat With Your New Teeth

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What to Eat With Your New Teeth. After-dental implants menu

What to Eat With Your New Teeth

A dental implantation is a serious operation. Any serious operation requires special attention and care in the recovery period. The proper assimilation of the fresh implant depends much on how a patient sticks to the rules prescribed by his doctor. In many cases, the dental implants are abrupt because of the patient’s improper care and careless attitude.

A special diet is of key importance here, because fresh implants are very vulnerable and need special care. Every little thing matters – not only what you eat, but also what you drink. Here are the main principles of the post-implant diet recommended by the NYC Dental Implants Center.
The golden rule of the post-implant diet is that the food you eat must be liquid, soft and grated. Mashed food, warm soups, and broths, grated dishes make a perfect menu for the first weeks after the operation. For faster healing, try not to chew on the side where the fresh implants are set.

Besides preservation and healing, your mouth and bones need support. The dental implantation is a serious osseous injury, and your body needs help to get through it. Nothing can do it better than food rich in calcium. Dairy products are a perfect choice and their soft structure is perfect for your dental conditions.

Foods To Avoid
There is also a list of foods that are totally forbidden in the postop period. First, there are any rough and hard foods, no matter what the products are. Spicy food is also not recommended because it will irritate the mouth mucosa and will not allow the wounds to heal properly. The temperature of food must be medium, not too hot or cold.

Now we know what to eat and what not to eat. The next question is what to drink. Plain, slightly warm water is the best option. You can also drink black or green tea but no coffee – it makes the arterial pressure go up and cause bleeding. The same with wine and any other alcoholic beverages. Smoking is also not recommended because it slows down the healing process.
Remember that your health is in your own hands, and you are in charge of the successful implant assimilation no less than the doctor is.


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