What to do for Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction which used to be known and impotence is a condition where men are unable to sustain an erection. It used to be thought that this condition was prominent only in males 65 years of age or older. Newer research point to the fact that men of any age can suffer from this condition. Previously published in Examiner

Erectile dysfunction diagnosis

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Erectile dysfunction diagnosis

Your doctor is going to exam the physical area around the genitals. The physician will also give you a full physical to determine your reflexes and general state of health. The doctor will also be looking for signs of poor circulation. The doctor will also ask you a set of questions about your medical family history and your current living situation, social situation, and factors which may bring on stress.

Labs tests

The next stage of the tests would be to go for lab tests. These tests will be looking at your testosterone levels. Testosterone is the male sex hormone. The technicians will be looking for signs of a chemical imbalance. They will also test your blood count, cholesterol levels, and even liver functioning, to determine if a disease of some sort might be the underlying problem.

Heart Disease

Sometimes erectile dysfunction is a symptom of heart disease. The doctors urge men with erectile dysfunction to have their heart tested just in case there is a connection. They will ask these men to take other tests for cardiovascular disease just to be on the safe side. Of course heart diseases is not always associated with erectile dysfunction. However, it is best to be thoroughly screened just to make sure this is not the underlying cause for the erectile dysfunction.

Treating erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction does not have to be a lifetime curse. Men who have trouble sustaining an erection can help make that erection happen. Since we know that obesity can cause erectile dysfunction then go on a healthy diet.

Getting in the exercise goes hand in hand with losing weight and can help with the blood flow circulation. Smoking is another known factor that can clog up the arteries, so get on a good program to stop smoking.

Since certain medications are often the reason for erectile dysfunction talk to your doctor about the medications you are taking to find out if these medication can be causing or contributing to the problem. See if there are alternative medications for your medical condition that will not effect your sexual performance.

Medications for erectile dysfunction

Medications for erectile dysfunction

There are several medications to increase blood flow to the genital areas. We all know about Viagra. It is even sent as spam in our email boxes. Nevertheless, Viagra is one medication and there are others such as: Cialis, Levitra, and Staxyn. Mos tof them must be taken one hour before sexual activity, however Cialis can be taken up to 36 hours before and Staxyn will dissolve in the mouth.

Like any medication do not be foolhardy and buy over the Internet. Taken any medication without a prescription can be dangerous. Make sure you get your prescription from you family doctor.


Surgery can restore blood flow to the penis if the underlying cause is a blockage in the arteries leading to the penis.

Caution: This procedure is not recommended for older men who have narrowing of the arteries. It is primarily for younger men who had sustained some kind of injury.

Similar to the pump, there is a procedure where two cylinders are implanted in the penis. When an erection is required, the user will squeeze a pump which will flow the cylinders with fluid that.


For longer staying power, some men require injections directly into the penis. These medications will open the blood vessels to allow for more blood flow. In fact the penis will become engorged with blood.

Pellet injection

An alternative treatment is to inject a pellet into the urethra this procedure is fast acting leading to an erection within 10 minutes.


Alternative remedies for erectile dysfunction

Although you may be tempted to try alternative therapies such as homeopathic remedies, make sure that you talk with your doctor before you try them. Some of these therapies may contain ingredients which will actually be harmful for your general health. Furthermore, some of these concoctions do not show any effectiveness.

Asian ginseng and gingko bilboa have almost a cult following with ginseng being hailed as the male potency medication. The truth is there is no research substantiating these claims.

DHEA supplements

There are males who find that this supplement is helpful. However, be aware that there is no research to date to study the long-term effect of DHEA can have on the body. For this reason, doctors do not recommend using it at this time.

Buying off the Internet

It is very easy to buy supplements over the web, unfortunately buyers must be ware. There is no way of knowing what you are buying. The wholesalers and retailers often omit drugs such as Viagra on their labels. This omission can cost a consumers life.

Ways to prevent the risk for erectile dysfunction

  • Keep a healthy weight and exercise
  • Stop smoking
  • Do drink alcohol or use drugs
  • Keep your diabetes under control which you should be doing anyhow

Keep open communication with your partner.

Your partner is also affected by your condition and the last thing you want to do is give your partner the impression that you do not desire him or her. Tell your partner what is going on. Have your partner come with you to your doctor’s appointments. Seek couple therapy together. Remember there are still other ways to be intimate and show each other how much you care.

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