What to do to Beat Depression

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If you are a person who is trying to recover from depression, you know all too well how hard it can be. Depression is not something that can just be willed away. Staying alone and isolating yourself only makes the depression worse. Reaching out for support is important, whether it be to family or friends; or if you have severe depression, you must seek therapy to help you through these trying times.

Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Here are some of tips to help you through your depression and onto a better life.

Researcher have long known that the mind and body work together, when one is ill the other one generally is not performing at its best.

Depression is a mood
, but this psychological issue can also go hand and hand with what is happening within the body.

Sunshine is important to a healthy mind and body. However, some people suffer from a specific type of depression called S.A.D. or Seasonal Affective Disorder. People who have this condition are more often located in Northern countries where there is less sunshine during the winter months. Getting enough sunshine means going out and absorbing the sunshine as much as you can during the winter months and opening the curtains in your house to let in the sunshine.

Other treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder include light therapy, (sunlamp) antidepressants, and counselling and psychotherapy.

How to beat depression

Tips to help you through your depression and onto a better life.

Do what you enjoy

Do the things that make you happy or used to make you happy. They could have been things you enjoyed 20 years before, but they brought pleasure to your life.

Maybe you used to needlepoint or knit and you enjoyed it.

Take it up again.

Maybe you enjoy being with children.

Join a children’s group and be their leader, such as a girl guide leader, or reading to small children in the library on a volunteer basis. You can consider babysitting from your home.

Go to the movies or theater.

Don’t stop going just because that one friend does not go anymore, find another friend to go with or go alone.

Take that long walk in the country and breath that fresh air.

Grow those beautiful flowers you love in your garden or back balcony.

Take up writing

Write in your journal or create stories and post them online; there is a big Internet full of people who would love to read them.

Start a home business

Start a little business from home, sell Avon, bake and sell cakes, or give them away what ever makes you happy.

Paint for relaxation

Take up painting, or photography and look for the beauty in life.

Take up a class for relaxation or to expand your mind

Take a class that has always interested you such as Tai Chi, Yoga, pottery class, wine making class, or academic class such as women in society; anything that will interest you.

Give pleasure to others

Make it a point to do something nice for someone once a day or once a week.

Explore your religion

If you are religious go to your church, mosque, synagogue, ashram or temple.

Whatever you do, do what makes you happy now or once made you happy before.

Mental Imagery


Relaxation is important to help recover from a depression. Stress and anxiety often go hand in hand with depression. Let’s face it, we all have stress in our lives but sometimes this stress can be overwhelming.

Taking relaxation classes and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the world

It is very important to get your mind to calm down and to relax. There are several ways to do that. You can take a yoga, or a tai chi class. You can take a meditation class. going away to a ashram, retreat or country cottage to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world can help if you have the means to do it. If not, finding a quiet spot in your own home can help tremendously.

Reading and reaching out to a good friend

You can read a good book, or you can write your thoughts down on paper. You can talk to a friend who has a calming affect on your life.

Tips to help you through your depression and onto a better life.

Relax with your pets

You can play with your pets. Many people find the soft pure of a cat very soothing, or simply petting and talking to their animals a good way to relax and center themselves.

Listening to soft music and taking a relaxing bath

You listen to soft music or you can take a long relaxing bath with soft bath scents like lavender and vanilla. Lighting candles and a resting in a softly light room also calms your nerves and can put you at ease.

Mental Imagery

You can think good thoughts in your mind, For example what was it like to see your baby smile for the first time? How did it feel to hold your baby the first time. You can do this even if your baby is already 30 years old.

Try to remember the sights and smells of your favorite member. If one of your special memories is October in Vermont. What was it like, who was there, what did they say, how were they dressed, what was their smile like. What were they doing? How fresh did the Autumn air feel. What were the colours of the trees,

Imagine yourself watching a single leaf fall to the ground.

Imagery is a very important and is a powerful tool for the mind to reprogram itself. Concentrate on as many senses as you can when you remember your special memory. What did it look like, what did it feel like, what did it smell like, what did it sound like and what did it taste like.

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