What to do when you are Pregnant with Twins

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When your doctor announces that you are pregnant with twins, you might feel quite happy and excited. Meanwhile, you can't help wondering how you can handle your pregnancy smoothly. Indeed, there are some practical tips which can help you reduce risk throughout your twin pregnancy:

What to do when you are Pregnant with Twins

Tip No.1 Eat more and eat better.

Your calorie intake must be slightly larger than other pregnant women carrying only one foetus. It is normal to gain about 20kg during your twin pregnancy. If necessary, you can search for some professional advices. An evaluation by a nutritionist can ensure you a good supply of essential elements like iron and calcium.

Tip No.2 Give enough rest to your body.

When you walk, you should slow down your pace; you should do less exercise; if possible, you should also reduce the distance and frequency of travelling. This often happens naturally, because when you carry two foetuses, you are much easier to feel tired and quickly out of breath.

Tip No.3 Let your family establish a loving environment for you.

It is important to be surrounded and supported by your spouse and relatives. When you need their help, don't hesitate to ask.

Tip No.4 Listen to your own body.

You are more than ever on the alert to subtle changes such as vaginal secretions, contractions, little bleeding, a sensation of heaviness in vagina, headaches, blurred vision, abdominal pain and burning during urination, swelling in face and hands, etc. When you feel there are some strange, even slight change in your body, don't wait. Go to see your doctor immediately and search for professional opinions.

Tip No.5 Meet your doctor regularly.

Your pregnancy medical exam should be done by an obstetrician or a gynecologist. The doctor can monitor the whole process of you twin pregnancy and the complications that may occur. Besides, they have experiences in this field. At the beginning of your pregnancy, you may visit your doctor each three weeks. Starting from 25th week, you should visit your doctor each two weeks. During the final two months, you should see your doctor each week. The doctor might prescribe a monthly ultrasound to monitor the growth of your foetuses. To prevent the risk of pre-term labour, the doctor can also measure the length of your cervix by ultrasound. From 24 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor can give you a test for the detection of foetal fibronectin, a protein which is found in vaginal secretions in late pregnancy or when there is risk of preterm delivery.

Tip No.6 Do your labour in hospital.

Due to the high potential contingencies, you should give up the ideas of delivering your baby in a simple birth center or at home. In hospital, there are more facilities and professionals to deal with the contingencies.


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