What trauma does to the brain

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Writing this post on my behalf living with Post traumatic stress and with Traumatic Brain Injury. It explains how i conduct my life with living with mental illness. To my understanding of what my doctor explained to me on a previous visit that mental illness may be genetic. It just happens that my mother had mental illness so therefore I feel she carries the gene and pass it on down to her children.


What does these two shirt cuts initials stands for?

Well, PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Defines that individuals who were diagnose with PTSD for many has gone through a painful and frighten ordeal event one time or another in their life's.
Memories of the traumatic event may have mentally cripple some for all depends how bad the trauma event was that they have gone through or have experienced. For many memories of the trauma event lingers on and the victim or victims may have have flashbacks of the trauma event.

Trauma can come on from being victimized from child-abuse, rape, being sexual assaulted at any given age, Brutal attack of some kind of violence, domestic violence, witness war violence, close death experiences, It appears that victims bears heavy scars for life. "Oh, physical scars may quickly heal but it takes longer healing and recovering from mental and emotional abuse. If one would say to another who were victims from trauma events, "Get Over" it, well it is easy for them to come out and say that but if the tables were turn I believe they would be more compassion and understand individuals who has to live with PTSD or TBI. Not like you can take a pill and it will take the pain or re-occurrence memories away.

Emotional and mental wounds that was placed there from any of the things that I have mention above takes patients, time, compassion, understanding, love, support and sometimes professional help. Depends how bad the victims trauma events situation was. Continue to the next post


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