When Dad Also Shows Pregnancy Symptoms

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Pregnancy Symptoms is always happened to mom, but what if it happened to Dad?

Pregnancy Symptoms on Dad

Nausea, vomiting, weight gain – all normal signs of early pregnancy. However, what if an expectant father shows these symptoms? There is always the possibility that he has been celebrating his partner’s pregnancy with a little too much beer but there is also a strong possibility that he is suffering from ‘couvade syndrome’ also known as a phantom or sympathetic pregnancy.

Couvade syndrome presents itself in about a quarter of expectant fathers and they will experience symptoms and the signs of pregnancy similar to what their partners are experiencing. This is largely blamed on hormones. Studies show that expectant fathers follow the same hormonal changes that pregnant women do although the amounts of estradiol, testosterone and cortisol are not as strong. Couvade syndrome can also be triggered by the scents given off by a pregnant female. There are many researchers who say that couvade syndrome affects men who will be particularly caring towards their offspring a these males make natural fathers.

Even without being affected by couvade syndrome’ a baby can unsettle many men. To expect a child means to be happy and to make plans. But also to be confronted with conflicting emotions at regular intervals. This experience does not only affect pregnant women, but also expectant fathers. Thinking about the new role as a father they will be taking on in around nine months time is enough to give any man that queasy feeling. For some it helps to be with other young and expectant fathers to share and to talk about their experiences and fears. A good way to do this is to find father’s forums or local support groups.

The best possible advice is to experience the pregnancy together. If as a pregnant woman, you sit down with your partner and talk him through your pregnancy it may alleviate his fears. It is important to let dad stoke the belly and feel his child moving around.

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guess what would happen
if IVF types
injected an ovum inside the testes

just a conception not inconceivable
what do you say young woman .....

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