When Life Drives You Crazy, Seek Sane Solutions

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When you genuinely say and mean "I am responsible", that is the ultimate upward turning point in life. Other than that, everything else is directionless craziness.

Common Sense beyond Thomas Paine

Think about this fact, self-responsibility is the ultimate common sense when it comes to pulling yourself out of any slump: personal, professional, national, universal or just plain realistic. Thomas Paine wrote a great essay on common sense, but what he was missing was the continuation of that initial "idealistic spark" that becomes the "full blown firepower" that is "I will not give up until the ideal is genuinely achieved", "I will take every rational and seemingly irrational risk to genuinely achieve my goal". Sure, the words were there, but they were in a purely political context without deeper application implied.

Well, I am advocating those deeper, more "irrational", risk-taking applications that lead to "it all" here. I am saying that if you want to genuinely achieve anything, you have to be ready and willing to pay the genuine price, whatever it may be for whatever you genuinely want. Because you genuinely have a desire for it.

Indeed, my idea of "common sense" is this: If you really want something, you have to also genuinely and consciously understand the price you are willing to pay for it, then shoulder the full responsibility of achieving it for yourself.

For example, James Brown financed his own "Live At The Apollo" record album in the 1960's, right? It became one of the first, the greatest, and most dynamically selling live albums in modern history, right? That is a perfect example of my idea of common sense understanding and the use of common sense desire to succeed.

The Statue of Responisiblity is metaphysical, The Statue of Liberty is physical.

Ultimate responsibility is common sense, which is why I think the Statue of Liberty has been built, and the Statue of Responsibility has not "been built". The Statue of Responsibility is built in every heart that decides to accept the responsibility for achieving their genuine desires after liberty has been fully acknowledged and accepted as a genuine concept. Indeed, The Statue of Responsibility is built within every heart that accepts the mantle. The Statue of Liberty is just a monument in New York acknowledged by a few in an "ooh and aah" way that works for no one except the rare ones who understand the meaning.

This is reality:

Everyone, and I do mean everyone must accept responsibility for bettering their own lives genuinely. Whether it is Stephen Hawking writing his books letter by letter, or Donald Trump expanding that first million his Father gave him to make something of himself in this world. Even if it is the normal person, everybody has the God and existence given right to make something of themselves fully from the ground up. It is such a simple message, but to those who want to throw the responsibility on others, it is a necessarily complicated message because they want to circumvent how nature works, and "cheat". For the honest, it is a simple, great and working message saying this is reality, do your best!


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