When You Lose Spiritual Insight

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Christ came so the we could have life more abundantly and to be free, this included health, wealth and prosperity. Some how I lost spiritual insight in reference to my health.

Include Christ In Everything That I Do

Every since I was saved, I knew to include Jesus in everything that I do. But for some reason I lost spiritual insight what it came to a simple procedure. I know Jesus is my healer but I was blind and couldn't see spiritually what I was suppose to do. Satan can work like that but I couldn't see that then.

Now, I'm going to tell you of an experience I had with a so called simple procedure because I didn't trust Jesus to heal me. I had a cat scan and it showed blockages in the heart area, the groin and the legs. I went to see a cardiologist and went through a heart catheter procedure when I should have trusted God instead. The report was good, he didn't find any blockages there. When it came to the legs, now that was a different story.

Instead of trusting God to remove those blockages, again I trusted man. I selected a doctor that specializes in vascular conditions. So I was scheduled for a simple procedure similar to the heart catheter and stents were put in the left and right groin area. This was on a Friday, I was fine and had a good night's sleep.

That Saturday night when I went to bed, I was in so much pain, I couldn't lay down in the bed. I went into my office and slept in my chair. Sunday night when I went to bed, the same identical thing occurred.

Monday morning I called to tell the doctor how much pain I was in and that I couldn't lay down but it was to early, the nurse wasn't there yet. A few minutes later his nurse called to see how I was doing and I told her I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep in my bed and that my left foot was freezing from my ankle to the calf of my leg.

The nurse advised that I come right away. They prepped me for surgery right away, I didn't have time to think, the pain was to great. I had surgery on the left and right groin, about a 3 inch incision.

Come to find out, plaque had fallen into the stents that were put in on Friday and they both were clogged, cutting off the blood circulation flow and that's why my legs were so cold. Okay, it's fixed and I have to stay in intensive care for 3 days so I won't move. I was told that if I had waited longer, I would have lost my left leg at the panty line!

After my release and 6 weeks have passed, they take the staples out. Well, I didn't look down to see what my area looked liked, I just went home and got comfortable. Getting up to go to the bathroom, I noticed my gown was wet. I immediately went to a full length mirror and the left side wound was open.

I went to the doctor and Home Health Care was set up for me to take care of my wound because I didn't want to be stapled up again. At my next appoint which was on a Thursday, he said the material used in my surgery can not be exposed to the air (elements) and that he needs to remove it and replace another.

Okay, I scared now! God doesn't give the spirit of fear but I was scared. He told me the the surgery need to take place tomorrow, which was the day after the appointment, Friday. I panicked and agreed to the surgery.

When I got home and calmed down, my mind cleared. I talked to my husband about it and he just reminded me that it was my choice. Well, I knew that and I didn't want to hear it. So, I called my pastors and I guess they were in disbelief that faith without works is dead and because I was suppose to trust Jesus, they said it was my choice.

Well, now I'm tired of hearing it's my choice. I went into my office and closed the door and talked with Jesus about this, something I should have done in the beginning. When I opened my eyes on Friday morning, I could here, "You don't need to do this" over and over. I call the doctor's office and told them I am sorry for the inconvenience but I will not have this surgery.

This is what I went through because I did not exercise my faith in God trusting in Him to heal my body. I chose to do what man said I should do and a simple procedure turned into a painful nightmare! In my prayer, I told the Lord, I know that I made a mess of things but--if you will please forgive me for not trusting you, it will never happen again.


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