When we know the sex of the baby?

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After 20 weeks of pregnancy, fetal genitals are fully formed and ultrasound can be clearly distinguished, sometimes even earlier. In this way parents can know the sex of the baby they are expecting.

When we know the sex of the baby?

What we see on ultrasound?

If a child can see the balls scrotum, which houses the testicles, and penis.

If a child is determined by the absence of male organs and sometimes can be up to the labia minor.

Sometimes it becomes clear ...

In a percentage of cases, sex can not see clearly for several reasons: placement of the fetus, maternal obesity, lack of amniotic fluid, etc.. If in doubt and is not clear, the specialist prefers to say nothing for no error.

There are also, in addition to ultrasound, other tests to find out the sex of the baby and are:

Ultrasound is usually very reliable. Only has a margin of error of 5 percent, and almost always because the fetus is not seen well.

Amniocentesis, is determined with complete certainty. But beware, it's a VERY INVASIVE TEST, which is only indicated when there is risk of the baby having chromosomal alterations.

When performing a complete study of their chromosomes for abnormalities, are found which determine the sex of the baby, but the test is never performed with that single goal, much less to satisfy the curiosity of the parents.

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author avatar Ramalingam
18th Jul 2012 (#)

I strongly believe that gender bias begins when we try to know the sex of the baby.Hence, I never tried to know it during the conception of my babies.In India, revealing the sex of the baby during its growth is prohibited, because still in some parts of India, especially in backward rural areas, killing girl children by applying some poisonous liquids (after their birth) and administering killer medicines before their birth are still practiced.The reason is girl children are burden to their parents involving more expenditure for their education and to pay a hefty sum as dowry for their marriage.Thank you for sharing a good article.

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author avatar A K Rao
18th Jul 2012 (#)

In India determination of sex of a foetus is strictly banned as girl child is often get aborted by the parents! Pathtic situation , No?

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