Where did I get brain damage?

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Every doctor I go to seem to say I have sustained brain damage. So what's new.

Where did I get brain damage?

I always get lost when I go to see Dr. Ibrahim, the chiropractor. I've been there many times before but I still get lost.

During our appointment, he finds that my left arm and leg is very weak when it comes to resisting his push.

Finally he concludes that what occurs many times is that when somebody has been in an accident or a coma, or sustained brain damage, you may find that the brain gets confused about which lobe should be controlling which side. I assume he means that the right brain controls the left side and the left side controls the right side. When this gets screwed up, then you may find what he finds with my body here today.

Good gravytrain, first the holistic health doctor asks me if I bumped my head and damaged my brain, and now a second person is telling me my brain got damaged.

Exactly when and where did I get this damage? I remember hitting my head on the bathtub faucet the other day, but I didn't think that was so hard that it would cause brain damage. Could it still be from the naphtalene fumes that I endured for some days? I think I read somewhere that these can cause damage to your system, but I can't remember if they meant brain damage too.

Dr. Ibrahim gives me some exercises I should do for a week, and then I should come see him again to see if it works. I'm not sure I will be coming again, because each session costs three hundred smackeroos. I can't pay six hundred smackaroos now. But we'll see.

The exercises if I can now remember correctly, entails to lye on my back and lift my left arm and right leg at the same time, then put them down and lift my right arm and left leg at the same time, but whenever I lift my left arm, I should turn my head to the right, but look straight forward when I lift the other arm. Or was it that I should look to my left when I lift my right arm? I'm confused now.

Anyway this is supposed to reprogram my brain regarding which side of it should be controlling which side of my body.

When it's time to pay, I ask how much and Dr. Ibrahim shows to a printed paper on the wall with the price on it.

"I should probably increase the price soon; it's been the same for a while now", he says.

"Please don't!", I say.

"But I have to pay the rent and such", he replies.

"Yes, but the rest of us have to be able to move, or we can't pay anything whatsoever", I answer.

He laughs at that.

I still wonder how my brain got damaged.


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