Which Of Your 5 Senses Could You Live Without ?

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This is actually an article I wrote before that got a lot of feedback on another site, but I have added a twist to it from an experience yesterday!

Which Of Your 5 Senses Could You Live Without ?

Today I have been having this topic discussion with my Chinese English students.
What are our 5 senses? Well they are...


If it was me I think I would choose the sense of smell, for me the ability to smell is not so fascinating really, I could easily live without it. One downside to not having a sense of smell though is I think without it you automatically lose the sense of taste... does anyone know if that is right?

I also heard a long time ago that if you are lacking any one of these senses your other senses automatically heighten so that is kind of cool.

Getting A Massage From The Blind

In our discussions we of course talk about the definitions of these words and I will save you from having to read that as you all know lol.

But what about this.. If you had to choose to be without one of these senses which one would you choose and why?
So far every student I have asked this question has said "hearing". Pretty good answer really... I hear a lot of things that I wish I hadn't lol

What Sense Would A Blind Person Choose?

Now here is where it gets interesting. Yesterday my wife and I went out to get a massage from a clinic where all the employees are blind, my wife goes there a lot for serious hypertension pains in her back and shoulders. This is really pretty cool though because without the sense of sight they are very tuned in to the sense of touch.

I thought you know what? What a perfect person to ask about what they would choose if they could lose one of their 5 senses, so I did. She answered in no time at all!

"I have been blind my whole life, it is how I know how to live and I would choose to stay this way without the sense of sight because I do not know what I am missing."

This makes so much sense to me that I kinda felt stupid for asking after she answered lol I guess in my mind I thought she would choose to have vision so she could experience what everyone else does but she had no interest.

So, again I ask you the readers... which of the 5 senses would you choose to not have and why?

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author avatar jenny1015
29th Jul 2013 (#)

It is kinda hard to think how life would be missing out on a lot of things because of losing one of the 5 senses. But I guess, I'd be fine if I didn't have the sense of taste. I may not be able to know how good or bad the food tastes like, but still would be nourished, well, with the help of my family in choosing the right kind of food for me.I don't want to lose mu sight. It would be hard for me to go on with my passion in writing. The braile and that thingamagig for typing? well, the feel of the pen is a lot better.

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author avatar JennAlex
29th Jul 2013 (#)

My daughter has a lack of feeling - she is somewhat immune to pain, but her other senses are extremely high. She hears great, and can smell stuff from a mile away. However, these things can also be overwhelming for her. Too much noise, too much "busy" in her line of sight, or strong smells - can all send her off the deep end.

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author avatar Bipolar Blogger
29th Jul 2013 (#)

JennAlex wow is she aware that she is different from others in that way?

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author avatar Evanxbls
29th Jul 2013 (#)

This is a tough one. I'd like to keep all of them. It was a toss up between smelling and hearing, but I'm going to go with hearing because smelling has A LOT to do with tasting, and I just couldn't bare messing up my taste buds.

I would miss music, but that's about it. Everything else could be read in captions, sign language, etc.

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author avatar Lauraelrod
29th Jul 2013 (#)

Great post

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author avatar redvakaurvaki
29th Jul 2013 (#)

Tough question.. but it seems like I have similar answer like you, "smell'. My smell is not good and couldn't work well sometimes, but I can deal with this

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author avatar JanelleG
30th Jul 2013 (#)

I'm hypersensitive to my surroundings and cannot name one sensory ability I would wish to relinquish without a damn good fight. I am "aware" of everything and everyone and I think it makes me a good empath. If I were to lose it, it would have to be "taken" with a fight. Nice post.

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author avatar vpaulose
30th Jul 2013 (#)

Interesting info. Thank you. Thank you also for the comment.

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